What’s New with Roll? Good Manners


Roll has learned so much since he came to us in December of 2010 and he continues to learn more each and every day. When he first arrived, he was spooky and hid behind Rock almost all the time. Since, he has learned about how important good manners are and that he will always be treated with kindness and consideration being a part of the Lucky Three Ranch. Roll enjoys his studies of “Emily Post’s Book of Etiquette!”

Roll is not only healthy and strong at 20 years old, but his entire attitude has changed dramatically. He is calm, quiet, accepting and very careful about being around his human friends. He has been exposed to major construction and all kinds of new and potentially scary things, but he now trusts us and we trust him. Trust takes a long time to build and should not be taken for granted. Never get on your knees like this around your equine until you are absolutely sure of their good behavior and your solid relationship with them. As I said before, this takes a long time and the correct steps to reach this kind of intimate communication with your equine, but it is well worth the time invested.
Using baby oil in Roll’s mane and tail during weekly grooming has allowed his generally coarse mule mane to soften and grow long and beautiful. Mule manes are known for being really coarse and growing straight up and falling on both sides in no particular fashion. This is why they are generally roached and cut short. The fuzzy hairs at the top of his tail are now also sleek and smooth like a horse’s tail. Roll really likes looking like Fabio!
Roll really likes his farrier Dean Geesen. The founder, side bones and ring bone he experienced in all four feet has been under control since a year after he arrived and he continues to stay sound because of the strengthened core muscles and good posture training that he received routinely for 3 years.

Roll enjoys being a part of the Lucky Three Tours and loves to have his picture taken in the park with the statues! He makes quite an elegant statue himself and we couldn’t be more proud of him!


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