What’s New with Roll? In the Park


This morning Roll had lots of fun reading Training Mules & Donkeys: A Logical Approach to Longears. He’s always up for posing and this day was no exception. We just strolled down through our longears sculpture park where we found a bench that would allow both of us to read comfortably. Roll is in good health and has almost finished shedding his winter coat. It was really too hot (in the 90’s), so any strenuous exercise was definitely out of the question.WN-Roll090115-001

“This looks like a wonderful idea on a hot day! Lolling around in the lush green grass with a canopy of glorious fire maple trees overhead in the sculpture park is much cooler and a peaceful place to be.”


“This looks like a nice place to relax… a nice bench for you and plenty of room for me.”


“Hmmmm…I hope she doesn’t think I can do that! I’m much too old for jumping!”


“Ah, yes! That’s more my speed! Practicing good posture while ground driving the hourglass pattern is fun and feels really good!”


“Trail obstacles? That could be fun, I guess, provided they are well built and can hold my weight!”


“We’re all done with our studies already? Do we really have to leave now?”


“Oh well, if we’re just going to the other side of the fence for turnout, I guess that’s okay!”


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