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  1. Sandy Clayton
    October 26, 2011 @ 1:07 pm

    You are such a blessing to have taken these injured “big guys” in and taking such good care of their healing process. We also have a Belgian mule. They are such great bug guys. I will continue to read your blog. Thanks!!!


  2. rusty herwarth
    February 4, 2012 @ 2:47 pm

    Hi merideth, I have enjoyed your site, I like the way yoiu think outside the box… I do the same thing. I will go to sleep thinking “how can I fix this problem”, I have rescued a lot of horses, mules and donkeys… I don’t look for them, they just seem to find me!
    I am from battle creek, Michigan, I am currently training my 16 hand mule that I’ve raised to compete in the mule versatility class at the 2012 mule and donkey congress. This will be our first big show with my mule. I am really looking forward to it.


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