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Mule Crossing Articles

"MeredithFor more than 15 years, Meredith Hodges has written a popular column about mules and donkeys called Mule Crossing. The column first appeared in The Brayer, the official publication of the American Donkey and Mule Society. Mule Crossing articles can be found in equine related publications internationally, and has run in more than 25 publications.

On this page you can search the contents of Mule Crossing to find detailed information from Meredith on training, nutrition, behavior and many other equine topics.

For those of you who plan to train or are currently training an animal, please be sure to read the articles under Training Mules and Donkeys, in particular, “How to Use the Training Series.” These articles cover the theory behind Meredith’s training philosophy and how it applies to training.

If you’ve written an article or have an article about mules and/or donkeys that you’d like to post and have permission to do so, please click here to email it to us.