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Chilly Pepper: Update on Big Girl


The following post comes from Chilly Pepper Equine Rescue.

Vet check yesterday. Heart is good, lungs are good, pain level not too high. We are managing that on an as needed basis.

Scheduling specialized farrier to meet us at Vet’s for hoof clean up (not really a trim as Doc says not enough to trim), and to see how bad the thrush is. X rays will be taken while under sedation and we will be able to make informed decisions about the best care for her hoofers.

Doc is hopeful we can actually get some hoof wall on her and have a much improved hoof after 6 months or so with specialized care, treatment and supplements.

Weight is approximately 1350 pounds and at least 20 years old, (probably a bit older)

Sad news, Big Girl has cancer. She has melanomas under her tail, (and they are not exactly small), and some (lumps) on her underside. This is not uncommon with white and grey horses, but this does have the potential to be deadly and can go really fast or it may not be an issue at all. Her lumps have the potential to cause issues with her anus if they grow larger.

Doc said the cancer can be very unpredictable and she has seen it go very quickly and seen other equine with small melanomas live out a very happy life.

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