May the Horse Be with You This BIG Day!


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May the Fourth Be With You!

Today is the BIG day, AND it’s Star Wars Day! Two GREAT days in one!

We thought it would be fun to share the story of our own Raye and her pal Mags. They may not be Jedi Masters, but the force (of love) is strong with these two, and they are as adorable as Ewoks!


Raye and Mags came to AAE as part of a group of five horses from a distressed mustang sanctuary.

Raye, a then 19-year old mustang mare, arrived thin and suffering from a bad reaction to flies. Her skin was very irritated, and she had a lot of hair loss. She itched like crazy, and she had oozy sores all over. We also learned during her vet exam that she was vision impaired. Raye had a detached lens in her left eye, and cataracts in both eyes. She was shy and seemed frantic when approached. It made much more sense when we learned of her vision impairment.

Mags, then, a 23 year old mustang mare, was very thin, and lame on her hind left when she arrived. She was in much need of hoof and dental care, too. She wasn’t readily handleable, but once sedated for dental and hoof care, we discovered there had been a three inch piece of very stiff wire (like a thin nail) fully embedded in her left heel. Fortunately, with vet onsite, she was evaluated and by good fortune, the wire did not do any major damage. It was removed and she recovered well.

When paired with Mags, Raye became more confident and the two quickly bonded and became a great team (like Chewie and Han!). Once their basic needs were updated and they put on some weight, they both started to look and feel great! Both of these gals are very sweet, and we are so happy for them and their new mom!

Every gift makes a BIG difference for the horses!

Your gifts this Big Day of Giving will help the horses (and other equine) in so many ways including providing feed, veterinary care, hoof and dental care, vaccines, deworming, and whatever they need. Of course, it doesn’t stop there: diagnostics, surgery, treatment, medications, and the list goes on.

Whether you give $1000, $100, or $5, any amount can help improve the lives of horses like Raye and Mags! No donation is too small. In fact, if every one of our followers made a $2 donation, we could surpass our BDOG goal of $25,000. Will you help us reach our goal?

Help us reach our goal of $25,000 by making a gift anytime from now until tonight at 11:59pm.

Or, raise the bar by pledging matching funds! Inspire giving and make your impact twice as BIG! To learn more about starting your own matching funds campaign for AAE, send us an email.


Please note: There is a $15 minimum for all donations made through the BDOG website. To give a gift below $15 please use one of the alternative options below.

Other Ways to Give

  1. Mail a check to All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc., 2201 Francisco Drive #140-174, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 (AAE will not be charged transaction fees).
  2. Drop off a check at AAE’s Used Tack Store, 4261 Sunset Lane, Shingle Springs, CA 95682. (AAE will not be charged transaction fees).
  3. Text AAEBDOG to 53-555 (AAE may be charged a lesser transaction fee).
  4. Donate through our website(AAE may be charged a lesser transaction fee).
  5. Donate via Venmo @allaboutequine (AAE is charged a transaction fee, but it is less than the BDOG fee).

Please note: There is a $15 minimum for all donations made through the BDOG website. To give a gift below $15 please use one of the alternative options above.

YOU are why we are able to help horses like Raye and Mags.

We are grateful to have you on our team! May the “fourth” be with you today and always.

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