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Latest Updates from Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue


The following update is from the Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang Rescue 

PictureHi Folks, Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

A quick summary of what is happening with the wild ones and some of our current expenses are as follows:

We moved the 18 horses to the facility we have been working on. PTL everyone safe and sound.

Fuel costs for this move $ 125.00 our truck
Emergency truck repairs $ 575.00 rescue truck
Fuel Costs truck (panels) $ 97.00
Fuel Addt’l Truck & trailer $ 97.00
Fuel 3rd Truck & Trailer $ 97.00
Additional manpower $ 200.00

Approximate costs to set up pens, round up, separate and safely move 18 horses to new location. $ 1191.00

(7 of the folks involved (including us) donated all their time and effort and as usual, did not get paid a penny) Matt gave up two days on a job in NV to help us get this done, as weather was a huge factor and time had run out to move these horses.

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