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Largest U.S. Burro Herd Needs Your Voice!


This post is from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Photo | Mike Lorden

May is Burro Awareness Month, and with fewer than 9,000 wild burros roaming free on America’s public lands burros, there is no question that burros are in crisis in the U.S.

Yesterday, we just learned that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is considering a huge roundup of burros from what is probably the largest burro herd left in the country — in the Black Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) in Arizona.  Comments must be submitted by end of day tomorrow, Saturday May 2, 2015!

That means we have less than 36 hours left to speak up for burros….Won’t you please take action today?

The Black Mountain burro population is one of the last healthy herds of wild burros in the country. Countless Americans and international tourists are aware of these burros, who are regularly encountered along Highway Route 66, and especially in the town of Oatman, Arizona. Cherished worldwide, these burros are now under the threat of a BLM roundup!

The BLM estimates the Black Mountain burro population to be over 1,500 and the agency only allows 478 burros on 574,000 acres of public lands where livestock grazing continues. It’s time to call for the BLM to designate the Black Mountain HMA as a protected “range” where the burros would receive increased protections.

This rare and historic, genetically healthy herd must be protected, not rounded up and removed by the hundreds! Please take action below to stand up for Black Mountain Burros today – the first day of Burro Awareness Month!

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