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ISPMB UPDATE – Still Here in the Ice and Snow in South Dakota


The following is an update on the ISPBM situation from Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang Rescue.


It was 3 a.m., as I lay awake listening to the howling winds and blowing snow. So many little ones we had not been allowed to pull were out there with their families. There are no wind breaks or shelter, except the warmth of the families hunched together. Such frigid temperatures and icy slippery conditions weighed heavily on my heart. Were the babies ok?

It has been so intense here. So many victories with each and every horse we load into a trailer headed for safety and a new life. So much heartache when the stallions simply fly over the 6 foot panels while we are setting up to load them. At this point we have 4 stallions in one of the “stallion pens” and they are scheduled to come back to Chilly Pepper with Matt and I.

So far we have had the Paint Stallion penned up several times, but he stood straight up, and then simply launched himself over the panel. As he proudly ran away the tears filled my eyes. They have no idea what they are running into.

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