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The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

Thank you for the love and compassion you give to all of our horses. Because of you, they have much of what they need.

We have a new guy that needs so much more…

Meet Ralphie!

Ralphie is scheduled for surgery TODAY!

Please help us help him

Ralphie is a handsome 17-year old American Cream Draft who recently came to AAE. He has some issues that need surgery to help improve his quality of life. Earlier this year, he developed a little mass on his lower right eyelid that continued to grow. He also has a lemon-sized mass on his left medial pastern. His family tried conservative treatment of the areas; they weren’t successful. They weren’t equipped for further treatment, especially with winter coming.

You can see graphic photos on Ralphie’s page.

The eye growth is likely a squamous cell carcinoma. It has grown and ulcerated. It’s painful, it oozes and drains down his cheek, it stinks to holy *#@#, and it’s a mecca for flies. It needs to be cleaned at least twice a day, and he wears a fly mask all the time. Fly spray helps, but flies still swarm around the smell and drainage that leaks through the mask. Nuisance, irritant…unbearable. The only way to help is to remove the mass.

(Photo is flies first thing in the morning before treatment.)

Sadly, it’s gotten so large, much of his eyelid is affected, and he’ll also need his eye removed. It’s also possible it’s affected the surrounding bone. There’s no easy way to know how much impact before removing it, but it will only continue to grow, if not removed.

The mass on his pastern is likely either granulation tissue (proud flesh) or a sarcoid. When he walks, he clips the area with his other hoof and irritates the area or reopens the wound preventing healing. We’ve kept it wrapped and use bell boots to minimize the contact, but it’s large and still interferes with his steps.

During intake exam, we also identified a small, suspect lesion on his sheath. While sedated, this spot will be removed, too.

Costs for surgery are beyond our typical intake budget, and we’re asking our horse-loving community to come together to support Ralphie. If everyone can help a little, it will make a big difference for him. We also have a very generous donor who offered to match funds to make sure we meet our $3500 goal to help with surgery and biopsy costs. Any excess will be used to help with additional hospitalization, medications, post-op care, and follow-ups or other veterinary needs.

We realize some of you may think because of the costs, that euthanasia is the better choice. If you feel that way, you are under no obligation to donate. Ralphie’s fundraiser is for all of you that believe every life counts. Let’s give him a chance!

Support Ralphie

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