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A Happy Update for Rio the Rescued Mini Horse


The following is an update from HorseChannel

ADOPTION ALERT! This handsome, and spunky mini is going home! Rio came to DEFHR with Quest in August 2015. Rio had spent most of life life isolated in a stall by himself. Upon arriving at DEFHR, he stole Michelle’s heart. She quickly became his unofficial mama and today it is official! Congratulations Michelle and Rio!

Back in August of 2015, we brought you a story on two rescued horses, Quest and Rio, who had been discovered after 15 years of neglect. The pair, along with another horse called Piper, had been locked in their stalls with minimal food and most likely no veterinary care. Most striking was the result of their total lack of hoof care. The horses’ feet were measured at approximately three feet long, so overgrown that they curled back on themselves several times over.

The three horses were rescued by the Humane Society of Washington County, Maryland, and Days End Farm Horse Rescue with the hope that it wasn’t too late for the horses to be rehabilitated with the veterinary and farrier care and nutrition they had lacked for so long. Unfortunately, Piper was euthanized at the farm due to the extent of her injuries and neglect. But Quest and Rio moved to Days End Farm to begin their recovery.

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