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Goodbye, Angus, we miss you already!


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

Fortunately, at AAE, we have more happy days than sad.  Yesterday was one of the really sad days. We said good morning and goodbye to Angus for the last time.  Angus was a big, enormously handsome, genuinely kind, 21-ish Shire gelding.  He introduced our volunteers and guests to the true gentleness of these giant horses.  He also introduced us to true horsey farts and horsesy slobber!  There was no mistaking an Angus toot (it was as big as he)!

Angus came to us in early 2016 with a lot of needs, but a lot of life to live and love to give.  He was battling chronic uveitis in both eyes, he had chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL), and a big arthritic knee.  One eye was beyond treatment, and it was removed to prevent ongoing pain and further injury; thankfully, his remaining eye responded well to treatment. We treated his CPL, and it was managed with regular care.  His knee responded well to antibiotics and a little rest.  Who knew he had a bad knee?  He wasn’t quite as good as new, but he was much, much improved.  With lots of love and TLC, Angus was feeling good and loving life, and he was adored by all of our volunteers, but mostly by his bestest friends, Kasey and Linda.  Kasey was his eyes in darkness, and showed him the way.  The two were buds in the truest sense of the word.  Linda took special care to make sure Angus was a big, happy guy with all of his needs met, and he showered her with love…. and slobber.  They shared a special bond that only the luckiest of people and horses get to experience.

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