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Giving Tuesday & American Wild Horse Preservation



AWHPC is working with local partners to implement real solutions to Keep Wild Horses Wild and Free. Under a first-of-its-kind cooperative agreement, we’re partnering with the State of Nevada to humanely manage an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 wild horses in the Virginia Range, which spans over 430 square miles in the Reno area. By next year, we expect this effort to be the largest humane wild horse management program in the world!

These programs can work to Keep Wild Horses Wild. Will you help?

Your contribution, no matter the size, will help us achieve this goal and have tangible results for wild horses:

  •  $10 will buy 10 yards of raw materials for fencing to keep wild horses out of harm’s way.
  •  $20 will help keep a small family of wild horses safe on the range for a week through a diversionary feeding program aimed to keep horses out of neighborhoods and roadways.
  •  $40 will fund a diversionary feeding effort to keep a medium-sized family band of horses, such as King’s family, out of harm’s way for a week!

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