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Equine Therapy Park set up in Golconda, India


The therapeutic riding center is the fourth of its kind in India. Excerpted from an article in The Hindu.

A physically and emotionally-challenged child enjoys a horse ride at Equine Therapy Park set up at Artillery Centre, Golconda, on Wednesday. Photo: M. Subhash, The Hindu


A few children were curious, a few others apprehensive. Some sat secure, and some were cautious. One or two waved and upped their thumbs at friends sitting in the gallery, while many others just enjoyed sitting on the horseback, perhaps for the first time in their life.

Coming out of the classroom proved to be a greater learning experience for many of the children with special needs at the Asha School, Artillery Centre, Golconda, where the city’s first ever Equine Therapy Park was launched on Wednesday.

Inaugurated by the Deputy Director, Family Welfare Organisation, Artillery Centre, Archana Sharma, the park has two trained horses to carry the children, along with two handlers. Each child was assisted over a podium onto the horseback, and allowed to take in the fun of equine saunter around the field, stopping occasionally to play a game of ball or to pluck leaves from tree-branches, as per the directions by the coaches.

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  1. muhammed afzal04-02-2019

    i my 3 yr old son is diagonised with autism,i wish to take the equine therapy at ur facility
    please email with the therapy and charges ..

    • Meredith04-03-2019

      This Equine Therapy Park was located in India in 2012 when I posted this article.It is not “my” therapy facility, but you might try to Google “Golconda, India Equine Therapy Park” and see if it is still in existence. I wish you all the best for your son.

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