Dakota’s Story!


This is an update from All About Equine Rescue.

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Dakota is a tribal mustang originally from the Dakotas. We first met him in the fall of 2021 when we picked him up from a distressed sanctuary.

He’s a little guy, mid-teens, and we were told he’d been ridden in the past. This handsome gelding was fearful of humans in general, but he really did not like it when anyone approached him from the side or behind too quickly. He also had painful heel cracks that closely approached his coronet bands. Dakota’s basic care had been neglected for some time.

Once at AAE, his hoof and dental care needs were met, and he received vaccines, deworming, and a microchip. During an exam, his concerns for people approaching from the left side and behind were discovered. He cannot see out of his left eye because the lens is detached.

Dakota is a very sweet, social guy. He seeks attention and enjoys grooming and interaction. He’s good with the vet and farrier. He loads fairly well, and travels fine. Dakota was introduced to a saddle, and he handled it well. He thoroughly enjoys his time in the pasture with his herdmates. However, he has a pull back issue when trying to remove him from his herd. When he’s brought in with one of his herdmates, he does very well. When handled and once removed from herd, he does well. Removing him alone is still a work in progress.

While we’ve loved spending time with the darling Dakota, we’d love it even more if he could find his forever person! If you think Dakota sounds like a match made in heaven, please visit his bio to learn more and submit an adoption inquiry.

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