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Crisis in Nevada


The following article is from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Last week, we told you about Bond, the proud stallion pictured at right, who was captured with his family from their home on the Virginia Range by the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA). The fate of hundreds of Virginia Range horses, just like Bond and his family, hang in the balance. They could fall victim to the same inhumane state practice of capturing and removing horses instead of humanely managing them on the range.

As you know, AWHPC has been working to secure a public/private partnership agreement to humanely manage the Virginia Range wild horses and prevent more horses from being captured. In the last week, nearly 10,000 of you have faxed Nevada Governor Sandoval urging him to prioritize our proposal.

But help is urgently needed to stop more horses from being captured. Your donation is needed for:

….On-the-range projects, such as fencing construction and/or repair that will keep horses safely out of roadways and residential developments. Numerous projects can be implemented NOW with cooperation from private property owners ahead of the cooperative agreement with the state.

…..Care, training and placement of 23 Virginia Range horses rescued after their capture by the NDA last year. These horses — including Blackjack (left) and his lovely family — are in temporary quarters awaiting their forever homes.

….Our vital work with the Governor’s office and local organizations to secure the cooperative agreement. Once in place, our coalition can begin to implement a fertility control program and other range management measures (including diversionary feeding) — which are currently prohibited — to keep horses out of harm’s way and prevent their capture.

We know you care about these horses … this is a real a opportunity to keep wild horses wild.

Please give whatever you can to keep the Virginia Range horses free and wild.

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