Chilly Pepper – Another horse dumped on Hwy 97, heartbreak and some desperately needed repairs on the vehicles


The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

It’s been quite the couple of weeks.

Above you see Lenny, our latest Hwy 97 rescue. Lenny came in late at night after being dumped in the same place as Trooper and Smokey.

He apparently spent a night out there before I got him, and was HIT BY A VEHICLE. I have no idea if it was the 1st night or not, or how long he suffered after being hit. However, it is clear he had been suffering for some time with his cancer. He had broken glass all over him, and you can clearly see he was split open on his hindquarters.

Lenny was the sweetest and most beautiful soul ever. He planted his head on me and begged for help. Doc had me give him Banamine to see if we could ease his pain enough to properly assess his injuries. As you can also see he had penile cancer and had it for a VERY long time.

It was excruciating for him, and was spreading internally which is why Doc thought he was starving.

After he got the banamine he could finally urinate. It was obviously extremely painful and clear that he had not done so for a very long time. You could see the relief through the pain as he emptied what seemed like gallons from his bladder.

Sadly, with the extent of how far the cancer had spread and being hit and old, Doc said the best thing for him was to end his suffering. We talked about amputation, but that would be horrific for him and with the cancer and injuries from being hit, it would be stupid and cruel.

I was so desperate to be able to help him. So we had to let him go to end his suffering.

I didn’t have time to fundraise, and after we let him go I just couldn’t even bear the thought of doing an update until now.

On top of that, the truck is in the shop and I need over $4,000 to get it out. I had to put tires on the hay trailer to the tune of $1303.26, and the vet bill shown above DOES NOT include the last 9 Coggins or the vet fees to end Lenny’s suffering.

So we are in a pretty tight spot. I also purchased over $3,000 in hay in the last month or so, and we still need more. That includes no grain or supplements.

I am hoping and praying that we can get the vehicle expenses covered and some help with the vet bill.

Rescue is so expensive, but so many of the cases God sends us are end of life and need to have their suffering ended.

Thank you as always!

Doc’s number is 509-773-0369 if you want to help with the vet bill.

Thank you for your continued help with these precious lives.

I know God keeps sending us lots of emergencies, BUT IT IS TRULY LIFE AND DEATH for these horses. It is not just grabbing the cute ones, or the easy ones, or creating orphans so you can fundraise. It is stepping up and figuring out how to do the impossible. YOU, MY CHILLY PEPPER FAMILY, are the ones who do that. YOU are doing the real rescue for the horses with no other options. Let’s do it again. These horses are absolutely precious and deserve every good thing for the rest of their lives.

At this point folks are asking why we are not getting the babies off the reservation. The babies being brought in are “ordered” and roped off their healthy Mama’s. It is part of a few folks idea of “range management’. I would agree wholeheartedly, but not until they are of the age to wean. So many of the “manufactured orphans” will die because your average folks have no idea the work it takes and how easily these babies crash. If you watch on the internet you will see new babies coming in to be “matched to Mama’s:, while their real Mama’s are heartbroken, and they have been stripped from their natural families as newborns or week old to month old babies. Chilly Pepper will NOT be involved in that. It breaks my heart, especially watching how long Mercedes suffered,.

We will always take actual orphans, or the injured etc. The gentleman I work with normally doesn’t even start rounding them up until June to give the babies time with their Mama’s.

Chilly Pepper will continue to do exactly as we always have. Be there for the real orphans, and horses in need, to the best of our ability.

If you want to help with the Vet Bill, call Goldendale Veterinary at 509-773-0369.

I appreciate every single one of our Chilly Pepper Family. God has truly blessed this rescue!

Have a safe, blessed and life saving 2023!


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