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Call Your Senators Today: Wild Horses Need Your Voice!


The following article is from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Please call your U.S. Senators TODAY to ask them to OPPOSE Title XXX (30), a package of public lands riders that has been added to the Defense Authorization Act. One of the riders would automatically renew livestock grazing permits for public lands – including areas where wild horses and burros live — without requiring existing mandated environmental review and regardless of whether the grazing allotments meet accepted rangeland health standards. Another rider would turn over 2,400 acres of the Tonto National Forest — where the famed Salt River wild horses live — to a foreign-owned mining company.

AWHPC has joined 46 environmental organizations in calling for defeat of this package. Add your voice today by clicking below. The bill passed the House of Representatives last week and may come up for a Senate vote as early as tomorrow, so please don’t delay!

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