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Bring American Mustang to your town!


The following article is a post from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Do you want to bring AMERICAN MUSTANG The Movie to your town this summer? With the help of our friends at Tugg, Inc., we can bring the film to you!

Tugg is a crowd-sourcing tool that helps bring independent films to areas where there is a demand for screenings. With Tugg’s help, AMERICAN MUSTANG has already sold out one screening in Carson City, NV! In addition, screenings are pending in Georgia and Florida, and plans are in the works to bring the film to more than a dozen cities around the country!

And we can bring AMERICAN MUSTANG to your city, too. You can now request a screening date between July and September.

Request a theater in your city by becoming a “Promoter” with Tugg. Don’t worry, “Promoter” just means that you’re our person on the ground in your city. You are the primary contact, but not in any way financially responsible. A contact like you, who knows your city and local groups, is important as multiple screenings are planned around the country.

Fill out an Event Request form by clicking on “At a Theater” here:http://www.tugg.com/titles/american-mustang

Once you choose the theater, Tugg will handle the logistics to get your theater confirmed. Once the theater is confirmed by Tugg, with a date and time, AWHPC and the AMERICAN MUSTANG team will help you invite your friends, members of your community, and others who are passionate about wild horses. Then sit back, and enjoy the show.

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