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Blondie Remains Free…Will You Help Others Like Him?


The following article is from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Today is Giving Tuesday, the launch of the holiday giving season. This year, we’d like to share a story that illustrates what your support can achieve for wild horses and burros.

Meet Blondie, a proud, flaxen-maned stallion born wild and free on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in the Pine Nut Herd Management Area (HMA) near Gardnerville, Nevada. Last year, Blondie, his family and two dozen other horses found themselves in the BLM’s crosshairs when they wandered outside the invisible boundaries of their HMA and were targeted for capture and removal.

But, instead of becoming just another BLM statistic — one of 50,000 mustangs robbed of freedom and family and warehoused in holding pens — Blondie today remains free! Thanks to strong community support and the unwavering dedication of AWHPC supporters, Blondie and his family are now part of a humane birth control pilot program launched as an alternative to removing these horses from their homes on the range.

Keep wild horses like Blondie wild and free by making a Giving Tuesday contribution today.

This story shows us what it’s all about…..Keeping Wild Horses Wild and Free….Changing government management policies step by step, herd by herd…..Preserving what’s left of this precious American legacy and protecting the magnificent public lands that our wild horses and burros call home. 

Today we ask for your support to keep fighting for wild horses and burros in 2015.

Here are three ways that you can help: `

1. Make a direct, end-of-year donation today.

2. Start your own “friendraising” campaign! Get your friends in the holiday giving spirit by creating your own webpage and raising funds for wild horses. The top two fundraisers will win a special gift of appreciation from the AWHPC!

3. Join the #Unselfie campaign for #GivingTuesday (and the rest of the week). Post a picture of yourself on Facebook or Twitter with a sign or note about why you are helping to raise funds for wild horses and burros this holiday season.

With ranchers becoming more radicalized in their attacks on wild horses and burros, 2015 promises to be a challenging year. But standing together, we can and will prevail in defending these iconic and cherished animals!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your kindness, generosity and support.

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