Archer’s April Foals Day story:


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Happy April Foals Day!

Foals have some of the most inspiring and heartwarming stories from the range. Archer is no different.

Archer’s story starts when he became an orphan after his mother was hit and died on a Nevada highway. AWHC volunteers watched as the family mourned the loss of one of their own, paying close attention to little Archer, who was now all alone.

But he wouldn’t remain so for long — another mare named Legacy quickly brought Archer into the foal-d! Just days after the accident, we were amazed to see Archer nursing alongside Legacy’s own colt, Tatonka, as though he’d been there from the very beginning.


Overnight, the three became a loving family, and we saw Archer’s story come foal circle. They are still together today!

Though we were pleased to see Archer so well-taken care of, not every foal is lucky enough to meet a mare like Legacy. As babies, foals are uniquely vulnerable, and can require rescue. Here at AWHC, we partner with local rescue organizations in Nevada to fuel their work as they care for orphaned or abandoned foals.

Your support enables us to help these organizations fund the veterinary care and shelter they need to make sure no foal is left behind.

Will you give any amount today to our Foal Rescue Fund so we can keep up our partnerships and ensure that all foals are able to find a happy and healthy home?

Fillies and colts are some of the sweetest horses you’ll ever meet, but because of circumstances out of their control, their lives can sometimes be filled with loss. We don’t think any foal deserves to be hungry and alone, and are foal-ly dedicated to protecting them, in the wild and in rescue. Can you help fuel this important work on April Foals Day with a donation to our Foal Rescue Fund today?


Thanks for your support! We appreciate it an aw-foal lot!

— AWHC Team

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