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Emaciated Horse and Donkey Become Best Friends 

As some of you may know, on the 7th of November Trevor and I went on a rescue trip to pick up a donkey and horse. (Ann was working hard for the rescue at Equine Affaire, otherwise she would have be with us!) The donkey and horse have since been given the new names Hobie and Walton. Both of these animals are completely emaciated and have been starved. Long story short, the gentleman we picked them up from today went to a farm in VT to buy horses. When looking at the horses he was going to buy he noticed a donkey and a horse in a separate pen and noticing their awful condition inquired about them to the farm owner. The owner told him in few words that they were no longer being used on his “ranch” and he was going to dispose of them in the next couple of weeks. Bless this man, he bought them on the spot.. Hobie the donkey has been used the majority of his life for donkey basketball events, which is exactly what it sounds like. People dragging donkeys onto basket ball courts, jumping on their backs for “fun and entertainment.” This is in no way enjoyable for the donkeys, and in our opinion, and many others it is 100% abuse and taking advantage of the donkeys calm and stoic nature. But more of that at a different time. Hobie and Walton bonded as a result of both of them being completely starved, bullied and beaten up by other horses.

When we first arrived to pick them up, both Hobie and Walton were standing separate from the other horses in the herd. Hobie was the first to say hello when we called to him. He was facing away from us, his ears were limp and didn’t move or twitch when we called. Instead he turned his whole body around slowly and stiffly to greet us, nibbling at our pockets and hands through the gate. We melted into a puddle. While petting him I looked around the farm to find a chestnut horse standing in the middle of the paddock, not with Hobie and not with the horses. He was standing alone and looking forlorn.  Walton, noticing that we had started to talk about him, came over, ears pricked forward, glossy eyes, and dragging feet to say his greetings. Instant tears. Instant boiling rage. How someone can intentionally starve two sweet animals to this point is just unimaginable, and there is a special place you know where for people who do such things in our opinion.

Trevor with Hobie in hand, and I with Walton hopped right onto the trailer. As we told them we are going to take care of them from here on out, this is a new beginning. The gentleman who saved them and took care of them for a month said his goodbyes and gave some treats to both of them.

We headed for our two hour ride back to the rescue. Poor Trevor had to listen to my ranting through (mostly) choked back tears of how horrible people can be to living creatures. The whole drive back I was antsy thinking about all I was going to do to, treat his infected wounds, heal the rain rot covering his back, keep him warm tonight, get rid of the lice, configuring his meal plans in my head, what to pick up at the grain store in the morning etc.

Once we got home (or to the rescue I call home) we haltered and blanketed Hobie and Walton before they stepped out of the trailer and into the rain to keep them as dry as possible. Last night it was freezing, a low of 20 degrees and snow flurries. Not the most welcoming weather, but thank goodness we have so many mismatched old blankets! We found two that some-what fit and got them cozy. We unloaded them. Hobie the brave shaky little donkey stepped off the trailer first almost falling down. Onward to their new pen across the street, where we quarantine animals for 30 days. Even thought they have current health certificates and negative coggins, we like to take every precaution to protect the other animals on the farm.

Hobie and Walton are getting small frequent meals throughout the day; five meals to be exact of warm mashes with all the supplements to help them get healthy.

To address the elephant in the room, no this is not a donkey, mule or hinny. Yes we are a donkey and mule rescue. As with everything there is the exception to every rule, and Walton is an exception right now. We would have said yes to taking him into the rescue if this sad equine friend had long ears, medium ears, short ears or even no ears! We are sure that all of our supporters stand behind us on this decision. We could not have seen any animal in that condition, and left them behind.

We will keep everyone updated as we help these two brave friends recover. If you are able to donate to the care these two are going to need we sure would appreciate it. To donate please click the link below.

Thank you to all who have given and continue to support Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue and the work we do!

Hannah & Ann

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