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April 24, 2018

Ears the news…

To quote the Beatles, “It’s been a long cold, lonely winter” but FINALLY! “Here Comes the Sun”! It has been the winter from H. E. double hockey sticks. I have never been so grateful for the arrival of spring.

The winter seriously tapped our finances and our morale. We had several sick animals, we lost a dear donkey named Merlin to colic. His buddy of 14 years Rupert, also colicked badly and we thought we were going to lose him, but with good veterinary intervention and the commitment of dedicated care givers he rallied. We got him a donkey buddy to help him overcome his depression over the loss of his best friend and now Rupert and Mr. Peabody are thriving and are ready to be adopted. Rupert was also battling with his chronic equine “asthma” while being so sick from the colic episode. He is on daily medication that he will need forever so his potential adopter needs to have the financial resources to ensure he will get his medication.

       Rupert & Mr. Peabody

On April 2nd we welcomed Zelda’s foal after an arduous wait! She gave us a healthy baby girl. We had a name the baby contest which was won by Barbara Henon whose name was chosen by randomly selecting a name from a bucket containing all the female choices. The little one has been aptly named Sassafrass, a.k.a. Sassy, and man oh man does she live up to her name! She is one sassy little one. She zips around her paddock, jumping over hay piles and the other day, right over the back of her mom who was trying to nap in the sun. Sassy is a sweet heart. She is already learning via clicker training, to pick up all four feet for the reward of a wither scratch.

Sassafrass & Zelda

As you know about me, if you have been reading this newsletter for any length of time, I HATE having to ask for help. Call me stubborn <G> but I seem to think I should be able to take care of things myself. Well, REALITY SLAM! I simply cannot, which is why I am reaching out for help yet again. This winter took its toll on our finances. We needed a lot of veterinary care, medications, special diets and for some reason hooves have been growing like crazy which necessitates more frequent farrier visits. It feels like it’s always something. One step forward; three steps back. The reality of financially managing an equine rescue can be mind boggling at times.

Our contract states that if an adopter can no longer keep the animal(s) they adopt from SYA, they must come back to the rescue. I want to know for sure that no animal we have helped will ever end up in the slaughter pipe line. We have had three families have to surrender multiple animals of late, due to no fault of their own, aging, illness, financial issues, life changes. Of course we are happy to take these animals back in to the fold, but it’s more financial strain.

f you have not already, please check out our Take a Long Ear to Lunch program. By donating any amount you chose on a monthly basis you can feel great knowing you are helping the animals every day. Any way you can help out will be very gratefully appreciated.

Thank you to all of you who are already supporters. I am on beyond grateful to you.



President & Shelter Manager


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