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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We have another exciting AWHC win this week! SJR3, the resolution calling for the roundup of more than 40,000 Nevada wild horses and burros, is dead!  The resolution did not advance out of the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources for a Senate floor vote by yesterday’s deadline. This is good news! While the resolution did include AWHC’s amendment to prioritize funding for humane fertility control over mass removals, it still contained problematic language blaming wild horses for damage to public lands caused by livestock grazing and other commercial activities. If SJR3 as originally written had passed, the Nevada Legislature would have asked Congress to fund an 85% reduction in Nevada’s wild horse herds. And, as the state where over half of America’s wild horses reside, Nevada’s voice on this issue is very influential in Congress. That's why the defeat of SJR3 is very important. We wanted to say thank you on behalf of AWHC and Nevada’s wild horses and burros.  Thanks to everyone who weighed in against this resolution and made wild horses a top issue in the Nevada legislature, currently second only to guns! But Erica, even though SJR3 has been killed, our work is not over. AWHC is continuing our fight to protect wild horses and burros all over the West — with several other legislative and legal battles happening across the country right now. If you’d like to make a donation to help us gather the resources necessary to continue this fight, thank you — you can use the button below to do so. If you’re unable to make a donation at this time, no worries — we’re grateful for your help in protecting the wild horses and burros of Nevada. Please stay tuned for more updates! DONATE Thank you, Suzanne Roy Executive Director American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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Another win for wild horses and burros!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We wanted to share an exciting update with you! This past December, in collaboration with Utah citizen, Robert Hammer, we filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of the Interior to stop the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from performing risky and inhumane surgical sterilization surgeries on federally-protected wild mares recently rounded up in Utah. And, we’re happy to report that this morning, government attorneys informed our lawyers that the BLM is dropping their plans to conduct inhumane sterilization surgeries on wild mares in Utah Not only is this a huge victory on behalf of the wild horses of Utah, but this is also the THIRD time that AWHC’s legal action has blocked the BLM from proceeding with the controversial surgeries in wild mares! But these successes are only possible because of the continued support of people like you. Your donations and advocacy efforts on our behalf have proved invaluable in our fight to protect wild horses and burros. Will you make a contribution today to help us defend wild horses and burros through legal action? DONATE TODAY The new leadership of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland — someone who AWHC supporters like you pushed your members of Congress to confirm — no doubt played a key role in the BLM's decision to drop plans to conduct these invasive and risky surgeries. When in Congress, Sec. Haaland was a champion for wild horse protection, signing onto a letter spearheaded by AWHC and the Animal Welfare Institute, calling on the BLM to abandon plans to conduct sterilization surgeries. She also co-sponsored a House amendment to promote fertility control as a humane management option. And this morning, we saw the effects of having wild-horse friendly leadership in Washington! While today was a big win, your support is still critical to our efforts to ensure that wild horses and burros maintain their freedom and remain protected from special interests. We are already gearing up for necessary legal action to defend wild horses in Wyoming, California, and other states against proposed federal actions to decimate wild herds. Will you make a donation today to help us continue our legal efforts and other important work to protect wild horses and burros? DONATE TODAY Thank you for your continued support, American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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The BLM is planning mass roundups across the Wyoming Checkerboard…

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Wild horses & burros need your help! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service are currently preparing for the upcoming roundup season, and as such, have released several disastrous plans for mustangs and burros that need your immediate attention. We’ve told you recently about a lot of roundups planned and we know sometimes this news can be overwhelming. But don’t forget — the power to stop this is in our hands, and we are gaining more support every day ... with the public, in the scientific community, in state legislatures, and on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers know that wild horses and burros have a loud and powerful constituency and we must keep raising our voices for change so that they are truly protected on our public lands. Please take a few moments to read about the latest roundup plans below, and then ACT!  BLM to Reduce Wyoming Wild Horse Population by 40% The BLM recently released a plan that would permanently remove 3,500 wild horses — or nearly 40 percent of the state's wild horse population — from 2.5 million acres of habitat in the “Wyoming Checkerboard” in the southern part of the state. The plan calls for drastically reducing the population to the low Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) in five federally designated Herd Management Areas (HMAs): Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin, White Mountain, and Little Colorado. This mass roundup plan will cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. It will cost these historic wild horses their families, their freedom, and, for many, their lives. The cruel policy is driven by commercial interests, in particular, the Rock Springs Grazing Association (RSGA), whose members graze their cattle and sheep on public lands and view the horses as competition for cheap grazing. Since 2011, AWHC has been involved in litigation against the RSGA to defend the wild horses in this area and has amassed numerous court victories, including at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. We intend to continue the legal fight to defend Wyoming's wild horses and to rally public opposition to this plan. Please weigh in now in opposition of this disastrous plan! TAKE ACTION Forest Service to Decimate California Wild Horse Population The U.S. Forest Service plans to step up its assault on the Devil’s Garden wild horse herd in California’s Modoc National Forest. Its years-long battle ...
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ACT NOW: Protect horses in transport

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We have an opportunity to ban the transportation of horses across state lines in “double-decker” trailers.  Transporting horses in double-decker trailers is both dangerous and cruel, and can result in significant injuries and even death for horses. These trailers are designed for much shorter species, and fail to provide enough headroom for horses — forcing them to stand in painfully cramped conditions during long-distance transport. There is some good news: Many states have already banned the use of these inhumane trailers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has prohibited the use of these trailers as a means of transporting horses to slaughter. But  there is no permanent federal law to prevent horses from being transported in these dangerous trailers for any other reason.  U.S. Representatives Steve Cohen (D-TN), Dina Titus (D-NV), and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) have introduced the Horse Transportation Safety Act in Congress to ban the transportation of horses across state lines in “double-decker” trucks or trailers. Meredith, please take the following steps right now to help us ensure the safe transportation of horses:
  1. Call your U.S. Representative and urge them cosponsor the Horse Transportation Safety Act, H.R. 921. When you call your representative, use the following script:
“Hello, I am a constituent, and I'm calling to ask you to please cosponsor the Horse Transportation Safety Act, H.R. 921, to protect horses from being transported in dangerous double-decker trucks and trailers. Thank you.” 
  1. Use this link to follow up your call with a personalized email urging your representative to cosponsor H.R. 921!
Will you join us in supporting this critical bill to protect the safety of all horses? Using these double-decker trucks and trailers is a cruel and inhumane practice that often results in needless deaths of horses in transport. In order to get this bill passed, we need all hands on deck. Will you join us in supporting H.R. 921 and contact your representatives today? Thank you for your support, Holly Gann Bice Director of Government Relations American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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Join us in celebrating 2 years of our PZP Program!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Today marks 2 years since we relaunched our PZP fertility control program in the Virginia Range in Nevada. We can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!  Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP) is a scientifically-proven fertility control vaccine given to female horses on the range through an injection via remote darting with an air rifle. It’s administered in a two shot process — the first is a primer, which is then followed by a booster approximately two weeks later. The vaccine prevents fertilization and pregnancy via an immune response that does not affect the horse’s hormonal system. The result is a humane and cost efficient way to control wild horse populations, rather than subjecting wild horses to brutal helicopter roundups! But these successes are only possible because of the continued support of people like you. Will you make a donation today to help us continue our PZP program and our other important research to protect wild horses and burros? Johnny, an AWHC volunteer darting a mare. We signed our Virginia Range Fertility Control Cooperative Agreement with the Nevada Department of Agriculture 2 years ago, today, with support from Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, Blockchains CEO Jeff Berns and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. And Erica, we’re happy to report that we’ve celebrated some pretty big successes since then!  Take a look below at some of our PZP program’s successes to date: Right now, we are early into foaling season, Erica, but so far we are trending with 62% fewer foals born on the Range compared to this time last year. Even better, the current numbers reflect a zero population growth, which is fantastic given our goal of humane population reduction in this herd whose habitat has been dramatically reduced by development! These numbers will continue to fluctuate and change as we get further into foaling season, but it is a very promising start. Will you help us to continue the successes of our PZP program with a donation today? A contribution of $30 or more will help us prevent removals and keep the historic Virginia Range wild horse herd wild and humanely managed on the range! DONATE Thank you for your support, Suzanne Roy Executive Director American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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