Run Free, Daisy Donk


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:


Today, we are mourning the loss of our sweetest Daisy. Our girl had a challenging nine days of ups and downs, and yesterday, we helped her across the Rainbow Bridge to set her free to run across green pastures with her ol’ friends, Angus and Kasey.

Daisy came to AAE in 2016 with her big buddies, Angus and Kasey, after a family health crisis. She was six. Angus and Kasey were older draft fellas, much beloved AAE residents that have since passed. Lil Daisy was the boss of these two big guys, and she exerted her authority when it came to meal time!

Everyone was so fascinated by Daisy. From Marshallow and Patches to the rest of the farm critters….well, except maybe the sheep! It didn’t take long for the herd’s hierarchy to play out.

Daisy had the best ears in the world. Besides adorable, they were soft and fuzzy, and though she thoroughly enjoyed her spa days, her favorite was ear massages. She loved having her ears rubbed.

She was a big character, too. Her lil’ personality was precious. There was countless moments of laughter when Daisy was around.

Those of you that know Daisy know that her bestest friend was lil’ ol’ Sammy-boy. This little guy is going to miss her sooooooo very much. Please keep him in your prayers and send him lots of love. For now, he’s settling in with the mini boys, Flame, Robbie, and Dusty. It seems Flame’s wisdom understands his broken heart the best. Hang in there Sammy, you’ll have lots of love to help you along.

What I’ll miss most about this sweet girl was the softness of her muzzle and the kindness in her mouth. She gave the most loving nuzzles and nibbles, always a warm, fuzzy moment from her. If you experienced those lips, you’ll know what I mean. Kind of odd from the lil woolly mammoth.

Oh, Dais…it was so long before your time. Thank you for giving everyone such wonderful memories….sweet, cute, precious, warm, kind, funny, and all the gamut of emotions. You were such a sweet and special soul. You were loved by many, and we’ll remember you, always.

Daisy spent the last nine days hospitalized at Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center where the docs worked hard to resolve her colicky symptoms. She initially improved, then had some ups and downs, we had encouraging days, but the last couple days became very difficult, to say the least. In the end, there was nothing more we could do to ease her pain. We thank everyone for the love, support, concern, and warm words during this time. As many of you know, the costs of care for hospitalization can be challenging. If you’d like to make a donation to AAE in memory of Daisy, we would very much appreciate the opportunity to pay it forward to the next equine in need.




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