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Mosquito Fire – AAE Update

The evacuation warning was lifted for our area on Sunday, and we moved all of the horses back to Pilot Hill on Tuesday, what a marathon! Since Wednesday, we’ve been reorganizing feed, supplies and equipment in Pilot Hill to get us back in order. We have a bit more equipment to dismantle and supplies to load in El Dorado Hills and return to Pilot Hill. Thankfully, we’re closing the gap to done.

Thank you to everyone for your support and assistance over the past few weeks, and a big shout-out to all of the volunteers that came to the rescue to transport horses, gather and transport feed, equipment and supplies, those who picked up extra feed, everyone that cared for horses in both locations, and those that helped with all the other details! It was definitely a team effort that made this happen.

Our hearts go out to those in our community that lost home and structures, and those that were impacted in other ways. We also have immense gratitude for our firefighters, law enforcement, and their teams that have been working so hard battling this fire and keeping everyone safe! Recent information from Watch Duty indicates the Mosquito Fire is 60% contained, and all evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted, thank goodness. Praying for complete containment and extinguishing the rest of the fire goes quickly and smoothly!


Due to the fire evacuation warning, Ell remained at Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center for about a week or so after his surgery.

We are happy to announce that Ell is back at AAE, and we are so happy this sweet guy is back home. He has a large surgical site, but he is healing well.

Best of all, when he urinates, urine flows freely and is no longer “trapped” in his sheath. He has at least a few weeks of healing ahead, and once the healing is done, we’ll revisit the search for a testicle or two. Until then, we’re all hoping for quick healing and a speedy recovery. Oh, and we’ve changed his name just a tad, he’s now Elliott! Thank you to everyone that assisted with these efforts for Ell. He is beyond grateful for your donations and support, and so are we!!

Due to his extended stay at LBEMC during the Mosquito Fire, Ell has additional care costs that we were not anticipating. If you’d like to help with those costs, please consider making a donation on his behalf if you can.

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