Introducing Our Newest Donkey Friends!


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The gelding is on the left; the jenny is on the right.

This month a gelding and a jenny came to AAE. The pair had been adopted from a distressed sanctuary nearly three years ago. Unfortunately, it took considerable time for the adopters to earn the trust of these two sweet s-asses! They were unable to halter them. The jenny was unwilling to allow her hooves to be handled, let alone trimmed, and her hooves have gotten quite long. They are both in need of hoof and dental care, vaccines, and deworming, to start. Though they were adored by their adopters, their adopters felt they had tried all they could to help them, but they were unable to do what was needed, so they contacted AAE to for help.

After quarantine, they will be seen by the vet and farrier (as soon as they can be safely handled), and they will get the works (hoof and dental care, vaccines, deworming and a microchip). The jenny will also likely need xrays. If there’s anything else they need, we’ll line that up, too. These cute little arses need a home of their own, soon.

We look forward to getting to know more about these two sweet souls.

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