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Brodie is a very handsome 2009 (est) Appy gelding. He arrived at AAE with pasture-mate, senior mare, Kyrie, in March 2021 when their owner was moving cross-country. The new home she arranged for them fell through at the last minute, and she reached out to AAE. Brodie lived with Kyrie in a large pasture, and he enjoyed following her lead, though he wasn’t too sure he wanted to follow her into the trailer when it was time to leave, though he did.

Once at AAE, his teeth and hoof care were updated, and he received vaccines, deworming, and microchip. This sweet guy was big and athletic, but he was like the cowardly lion. His confidence came from his ol’ gal pal. If he wasn’t with her, there was a bit of a crisis. He would get mighty anxious and nearly lose his mind. Over time, his confidence has grown, and he’s evolving into a bit of a gentle giant.

Brodie is a beauty as you can see. He’s also a big sweetheart. He’s got the looks, the body, and the brain is coming along. Before our move, Brodie spent time with a trainer (on his own) building his confidence and learning new things. Besides basic groundwork, he was introduced to a saddle. Though he looked mighty handsome, and he tried hard to understand and do what was being asked, it was really hard. He needed more confidence to carry a rider, so we gave him more time.

Brodie lives comfortably in the middle of a herd of ten with no major issues. He’s neither dominant nor a pushover. He can be pulled out of pasture without a meltdown now for handling, grooming, or work. Sweetest of all, he really enjoys his time with humans. Brodie has come a long way. He loads, but needs some patience so he can check things out. He’s fairly good with the farrier, even shoeing his front hooves (he has thin soles), but may need a little patience. All in all, he’s pretty easy to handle, appreciating a little extra time when introduced to something new.

This big guy needs a person of his own, one that will adore him and continue building his confidence. His person will continue his growth at his pace with patience and kindness, embracing his inner cowardly lion as he learns to roar. Brodie is going to make somebody a really special partner one of these days.

We’d be so happy if Brodie could find his forever home! If you think you sound like a good match for Brodie, please visit his page to learn more and submit an “Adoption Inquiry”.

 Can’t adopt but want to help Brodie? Share his story with your friends, family, co-workers, and other horse people in your life! You can also sponsor him to help cover his costs of care until he finds his perfect person.




You’re Invited!

Join us as we look back at Ballerini’s first year and enjoy watching her partake in the first birthday smash cake tradition!

This will be one virtual party you won’t want to miss! (No festivities will take place in person.)

 Web link to follow.

Can’t party at noon? No problem! The festivities will be available online to view at a later time, too.

But what do you get a horse for her 1st birthday?

You can show Ballerini (and all of her herdmates) some love with a gift to her birthday fundraiser! Your donation will help support all of the horses of AAE!

Donate to Ballerini’s Birthday Fundraiser!

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