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Gabby has wings, run free sweet girl!

It’s never easy to say goodbye, but Gabby is running pain free in green pastures. After her surgery went well, and she had several days of promising progress, Gabby took a turn for the worse. She wasn’t progressing like she should, and her pain increased. Unfortunately, it was highly likely infection had invaded her coffin joint making her chance for a pain-free recovery slim to none. Helping her across the Rainbow Bridge was the kindest way we could help her be pain-free forever.

Gabby was such a warrior. When she got to AAE, she quickly weaseled her way into everyone’s hearts. She was progressed so well, initially. Then she rode some ups and downs these past several months like such a champ, meeting each battle with such a strong will and rebounding when we didn’t think she would. This last one was too much and could not be overcome. Thankfully, Gabby was loved by so many volunteers, and she had so many friends she never met.

Oh Gabby-girl, we’ll miss you. You’ll be missed by everyone, and we’ll long be remembered the warrior you were. Rest easy, sweetest girl ❤


Casper and Pearl came to AAE in a group with three other ponies: Ace, Bucky, and Minnie. AAE got a call from Wilbur Hot Springs in Williams, CA requesting help for this little herd. These sweet ponies were part of a larger herd of feral ponies, the Robinson Creek Ponies (click for history), that came from the hills west of Ukiah in Mendocino County. This group separated from the main herd and wandered dangerously close to the highway. In 2019, these ponies were relocated to the 1,600 acre nature preserve at Wilbur Hot Springs in hopes they could resume their free-roaming lifestyle and live among the other wildlife on the preserve. Sadly, some of the ponies eventually foundered from eating so much of the green grass. One was euthanized. Though the remaining herd was seen by a vet and had hooves trimmed, later, it was discovered their hooves were getting overgrown again. They were still feral and not easily caught or handled. WHS staff recognized the ponies could not live wild and without maintenance care, but they did not have the experience to give the ponies the attention they needed. WHS Staff was connected with AAE, and our team drove out to the nature preserve, loaded the five ponies into a trailer, and brought them back to AAE for gentling, and hoof care, along with radiographs for those that appeared they may have foundered.

Once at AAE, they all had hoof and dental care, vaccines, and deworming. They each also got a microchip and DNA analysis, too.

Casper’s hooves were long, but in otherwise fairly good condition when he arrived. He was very reactive, untrusting with humans, and lacked confidence. The ponies have been gentled, and they have been learning basic groundwork, hoof handling, and how to stand quiet for the farrier. Casper has improved tremendously. He’s getting more curious and growing more confident every day. He is not quite sure he wants to be with humans all the time, but he willing and tries hard. Some days he’s very approachable; other days, he is evasive. Sometimes, it depends on who is approaching.

Caspar stands quietly for hoof cleaning, and he’s doing well with the farrier. Once haltered, he does well on a lead. He still has some fear issues loading into a trailer, but he will eventually get in the trailer IF he’s given time to check it out and isn’t pressured. He accepts fly spray and a fly mask without much concern. He’s come a long way and though he’s not quite as far as the others, with consistency and ongoing handling, this guy is going to make nice little pony for an experienced family.

Pearl’s hooves were long, but also in otherwise fairly good condition when she arrived. She was very reactive, very fearful of humans, and lacked confidence. Pearl is improving every day and evolving into a very sweet little mare. She’s getting more trusting and brave every day. She wants to be with humans, but still has a little reservation. Once she gets beyond that first touch, her confidence grows a lot. 

Pearl leads and stands fairly quietly for grooming and hoof cleaning. She’s doing well with the farrier, too. She accepts fly spray and a fly mask without much concern. She, too, has come a long way, and with consistency and ongoing handling, this sweet mare is going to make a nice little pony for an experienced family.  

Caspar and Pearl are bonded, and they have likely been together their entire lives. They are looking for a home where they can remain together, forever. The perfect home will be a horse-experienced home with a couple of youngsters that want to make them the best ponies ever! They’ll be fun to bring along.

Thank you for your support helping horses each and every day!

Your donations, volunteering, adopting, and social media shares & likes allow us to make this work possible!

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