Boots and Bling is Going Virtual!


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

Boots and Bling has a New DATE!!!!

Join Us October 8th for our VIRTUAL Boots and Bling event! We will be featuring stories from the barn, volunteers and adopters! There will be a live auction, silent auction and a fund-a-need. We hope you will all join us on October 8th. Although this event will be different from the past, we are excited for this opportunity to come together virtually and help the horses! More information will be coming soon on how to register for the event!

Watch out for updates on our Facebook event page or visit our website

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

If you are interested in sponsoring Boots, please contact Drew.

Auction items are needed.

If you are interested in donating to the auction, contact Dani.

New Intakes Need Some Love!

While we all continue experiencing uncertain times, there are still many, many horses in need. We continue to support as resources are available. We are currently working with a distressed sanctuary to help reduce their herd. This is definitely be a team effort, so Team AAE, let’s do this again! Together, we can make a difference for these horses.

Here’s the next group we’ve been working on:

These three muskateers are late teens/20-ish, and they came with a little baggage.



Shooter is a 2001 buckskin Mustang gelding. Besides needing the basics (e.g. hoof and dental care, vaccines, microchip, and deworming), he has a slow-growing, sizable mass a the base of his jaw. If left unchecked, it could grow to interfere with breathing and swallowing. Surgery quote is estimated at $1500-2500 for removal. Additional costs will include biopsy, hospitalization, medications, post-surgical care and follow up. He’s a sweet ol’ guy that is in good shape, otherwise. He’s halterable and relatively easy to handle and may have been ridden in younger years. Basics have been done, he’s gained weight and is looking good, and he’s about ready for surgery!



Allie is a 2000 dark brown dun Mustang mare. She was also needing the basics (e.g. hoof and dental care, vaccines, microchip, and deworming). Her hooves were quite long and uncomfortable, so her first stop was the farrier. With light sedation, her front hooves were trimmed, and hinds were done after her dental (heavier sedation).

Allie also has a mass on the side of her left rib cage, apparently from removal of a recurring cyst (removed three times). The area was evaluated, and appears to be scar tissue. We’ll continue to monitor. This gal is a timid mare, but she’s full of try. Apparently, she spent some time at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center years ago, and she has retained some of her education, but she needs more confidence and trust!




Carly is a 20-ish red dun Mustang mare. She is an extremely sweet ol’ gal that needed the basics, especially dental care and some good groceries. Her pointy ol’ hip was so sad. She was loved by flies, they covered her in patches of black, and she had sores in their favorite spots.

Carly is on the road to recovery now and looking great. She’s filling in and getting quite comfortable with all of the pampering she gets. She’s very social, loves grooming and attention, and she’s quickly becoming a volunteer favorite.

We’ve setup a GoFundMe for this group. Costs associated with this group will likely exceed $4000 by the time Shooter’s surgery is done, and they ready for adoption. There are more horses to help, and with the postponement of our Boots event, we’re not as well funded as we typically are this time of year, so we need your help to assure we have ample funding for the next group.

Please join us in getting this group on the path to a family of their own. If you can help, please click on the GoFundMe link below. There are a few more photos within the GFM piece, and we will initially be posting updates for this group in the GFM.



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