Another angel among us….


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:


Another AAE angel earned his wings last night.  Well, if horses could be angels and saints, Marshy-man was as an absolute angel, and an absolute saint.  There was a glow about this little guy, and if you ever met him, pretty sure you would know what I mean.

If you haven’t heard his story, Marshy came to AAE from another rescue back in March of 2014, but it seems he’s been here forever.  He was quite ill.  They didn’t have the ability help him and asked for help.  After considerable evaluation, diagnostics, and re-evaluating, the conclusion was that he likely had some form of intestinal cancer or irritable bowel disease.  He was started on steroids and showed steady improvement.

Marshy quickly became a favorite at AAE.  He introduced kids to horses in summer camps and pony pals programs.
He loved kids, and he loved adults just the same.
Marshy was the dress-up master.  He loved helping celebrate holidays, and he did it well.
Steroids can be wonder drugs, but unfortunately, they come with many risks.  Sadly, in 2016, Marshy experienced an acute onset of cataracts in both eyes. Suddenly, he couldn’t see.  However, thanks to all of Marshy’s friends, your kindness made such a difference for him.  He got the gift of site (cataract surgery in one eye).
You are the cutest, the most handsome, the funniest, the sweetest, the lovey-est, the one there aren’t enough words to describe!
You made princesses smile and
 fairy tales come true.
Marshy, wish we could all have
one more day to love you more.
Enjoy running ‘cross those green pastures….
…and jumping fences along the way,
forever pain free, lil man.

Every time I look in that mirror, I’ll think of you, lil’ man.  Loved you the mostest, mighty Moo!
Remembering you, always Marshy,
all of you’re friends at AAE and everywhere.

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