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In response to letters and emails from people with training and behavior questions about their equines, Meredith has created a series of short training tip videos to help address some of these common issues.

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Individual Training Tips

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Ground Driving Lateral Obstacles

This is your equine's turn to take a leadership role in your partnership as you execute lateral obstacles on the drive lines. Navigating obstacles in this manner will instill mutual confidence and trust.

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When Ground Driving Lateral Obstacles Aren’t Working

When working through lateral obstacles, your equine may be unsure or fearful. Be sure to work patiently on your verbal commands and take obstacles slowly while being willing to gently help him through.

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Ground Driving the Side Pass “T”

Ground driving the Side Pass "T" is an advanced obstacle that should not be attempted until your equine is calmly and obediently performing all of the straight-forward and lateral obstacles. When he's ready, be sure to take it slow, and don't forget the rewards!

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Healthy Hooves For Healthy Riding

Soundness begins with the hooves. There is a wide variety of reasons, so learning to assess if and when your equine needs shoes, and how often hoof care is needed is critical to your equine’s overall physical postural balance and general health!

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Mounting Exercises

Trouble usually begins when you get in a hurry. Be sure to take your time and progress at the speed of your equine. As you do these mounting exercises, be sure your equine is comfortable and calm before moving on, and don't forget the oat rewards!

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Begin Riding With an Assistant

Once your equine is quiet and comfortable with you on board, you're ready to ride with your assistant at his head. Be sure to progress slowly and remember to reward your equine from his back on both sides. Stay relaxed while maintaining light pressure through your reins and your legs.

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Teaching Your Mule to Stand Still When Mounting

Having your equine stand still during mounting is the result of a calm and sensible approach to ALL phases of the preliminary groundwork. Going forward with a logical and sequential approach will help the equine to stay calm and prevent any resistance.

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