Video Training Tips

In response to letters and emails from people with training and behavior questions about their equines, Meredith has created a series of short training tip videos to help address some of these common issues.

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Latest Training Tip

Individual Training Tips

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Donkeys Require a Creative Approach

Meredith gets a lot of letters and emails from people with training questions about their equines. Here, she offers some practical advice for training your donkeys.

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Danger of Halters

Meredith discusses the dangers of leaving the halter on your equine, and some alternatives
for catching them.

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Work Stations

Meredith discusses how to set up a work station for tack and grooming your equine.

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Communication and Equines

Meredith talks about how to best communicate with your equine.

For more information on developing a positive working relationship with your equine, check out "Keys to Successful Training: Attitude and Approach," on TMD On Demand.

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Feeding Time

Meredith offers some advice on making the most of feeding time with your animals.

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A Proper Feeding Regimen: Oats Mixture

Meredith discusses the best way to incorporate an oats mixture into your equine's diet.

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Pasture Grazing

Meredith discusses how to best utilize pasture time for a happy and healthy equine.

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Hay and Salt Lick

Meredith talks about how to incorporate hay and the salt lick into your equine's feeding regimen.

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The Reward System

Meredith discusses the optimal method of rewarding your equine's behavior.

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How and When to Use Rewards

Once you've prepared your reward system, Meredith explains how and when to most effectively use rewards while training your equine.

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The Importance of Good Posture

Your horse, mule or donkey isn't born with good posture—so Meredith has some tips on how you can ensure he's moving his body properly as you train.

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Imprinting and How it Works

Imprinting is an important part of your equine's life--and not just for foals. Meredith discusses how to approach imprinting with an equine of any age.

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Meredith explains how to best work with a new or nervous equine.

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Teaching Good Manners When Training

Meredith explains the lifelong benefits of teaching your equine to behave with good manners.

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Grooming Basics

Keeping your animal well groomed is an essential component of equine care. Meredith shares some tips on the basics.

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