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Ask Meredith – All Questions

All the questions from Ask Meredith on one page!
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  1. Afraid to Load into Trailer
  2. Bolting from Strangers
  3. Braying
  4. Bucking
  5. Catching Mule Foals
  6. Charging and Kicking
  7. Dogs and Donkeys
  8. Donkey Brays While Showing
  9. Donkey Nips and Bites
  10. Donkey Not Responding
  11. Donkey Paws
  12. Donkey Shows Teeth
  13. Donkey Training
  14. Donkey Twisting Head on Lead Rope
  15. Escaping Mule
  16. Fence Jumper
  17. Gelded Male Or Female?
  18. Gelded Mule Breeding?
  19. Hard to Catch, Stiff in the Neck, Ear Shy Mule
  20. Head Resting, Corralling the Handler
  1. Herd-bound
  2. Herd-bound, Hard to Catch Mule
  3. Hinny Chewing/Eating Wood
  4. Horses Attacking New Mules
  5. Jack Biting At Open Sores
  6. Injured Mule Head Shy
  7. Introducing New Mule
  8. Jumping Fences
  9. Lazy Mule
  10. Limiting Bad Behaviors
  11. Loaner mule
  12. Lunging a Wild Burro
  13. Male Mules in the Herd
  14. Mare Suddenly Rearing
  15. Mare-Minded Mule
  16. Molly Mule Cycling Behavior
  17. Mule Charging Back To Stable
  18. Mule Clubs-Separation Anxiety
  19. Mule Harder to Train Than Mustangs
  20. Mule Kick Questions
  21. Mule Spooked at Gate
  1. Mule Trained – Owner Fearful
  2. Mules and Dogs
  3. Nervous Mini-Mule
  4. Nipping and Biting
  5. Pasturing Recently Gelded Jacks Together
  6. Protect Young Goats from Donkeys
  7. Punitive Training a Gentle Mule
  8. Quicksand
  9. Rearing and Pawing
  10. Response to Claim of Abuse
  11. Runaway Mule
  12. Runaway Riding Mule
  13. Scared of Bikes and ATVs
  14. Socializing New Mules
  15. Standoffish Mini Mules
  16. The “Herd Leader”
  17. Yearling Jenny Hard to Catch
  18. Young Mule Pawing
  1. Animal Husbandry – Which To Cross?
  2. Breeding for Mini Mules
  3. Breeding Jacks – A.I. Collection
  4. Breeding Stallion to Jennet
  5. Determining Maturation Size of Mule Foal
  6. Diet-Fescue Pasture
  7. General Breeding Info
  8. Gestation
  9. Help With Donkey Births
  10. Hinnies-Jennet Heat Cycle
  11. How Long Are Jacks Fertile?
  12. Is Donkey Pregnant?
  13. Late Breeding Training
  14. Mule Origins
  15. Mule Reproduction
  1. Orphan Foal
  2. Pregnant Donkey with Club Foot
  3. Pregnant Mule Mare?
  4. Registering Donkey with Unknown Parentage
  5. Ride Pregnant Mare?
  6. Spaying a Molly Mule
  7. The Donkey’s Cross
  8. Using Henderson drill method for gelding
  9. Weaning Miniature Donkey
  10. Welsh Pony Stallion-Jennet
  11. What To Expect Before Birth?
  12. When to Wean?
  13. Will Mare Reject Mule Foal?
  14. Agressive Male Hurts Jenny in Heat
  1. Buying a Mule
  2. How Much Weight can my Mule or Donkey Carry?
  3. Mule-Donkey Location Help
  4. Registering Donkey with Unknown Parentage
  5. Should I Get a Mule?
  6. Socializing New Mules
  1. Am I The Right Personality For My Mule?
  2. Belled Tails
  3. Donkey Care Around the World
  4. Donkey Scared of Fly Spray
  5. Donkey Teeth Different?
  6. EIA, Coggins, Founder, Laminitis
  7. Farrier Is Hard To Find!
  8. Fescue Fungi
  9. Fly Masks-Girths
  10. Fly Masks Made for Donkeys & Mules
  11. Foot Abscess Treatment
  12. Founder Signs
  13. Gelding Male Mules and Donkeys
  14. Hazelnut Poisonous to Equines?
  15. Herdbound or Anxious?
  16. Hoof Care
  17. Hooves
  18. How much weight can my mule or donkey carry?
  19. Instilling Courage
  20. Male Mules in the Herd
  1. Monthly Shoeing?
  2. Mule Attacking Horses
  3. Mules Biting Tails Of Herd
  4. Normal Digital Pulse Rate
  5. Sedation – Hinny
  6. Separate Foal From Dam For Show?
  7. Sharing Important Farrier Information
  8. Spaying a Molly Mule
  9. Teepee-backed Mule
  10. Tendon Issues
  11. To Geld or Not to Geld?
  12. Using Henderson drill method for gelding
  13. Vaccines for Young Mules
  14. What To Use On Cuts Etc.
  15. When To Geld?
  16. White Hooves
  17. Why Do Donkeys Chase?
  18. Winter Hair & Pear-Shaped Body
  19. Worming and Riding With Confidence
  20. Wounded Knee
  21. Insect Control
Nutrition & Diet
  1. Meredith’s Feeding and Nutrition Guidelines
  2. Food Rewards and Treats
  3. Steamed Crimped Oats?
  4. Effects of Sweet Feed?
  5. Grass Effects
  6. Fruit & Vegetable Salad?
  7. How Much Grain for 7 mo. Old?
  8. Hinny Chewing/Eating Wood
  9. Change Feeding In Cold Weather?
  10. Older Mule With No Teeth
  11. Hazelnut Poisonous to Equines?
  12. Old Mule Care Questions
  13. Teepee-backed Mule
  14. Fat Pads on Donkey
  1. Age in Mouth
  2. A Novel Mule
  3. Autographing Books
  4. Blanket Necessary In Cold Weather?
  5. Breeding-Training The Gaited Mule
  6. Color Genetics
  7. Color Genetics In Mules
  8. Differences in Breeds?
  9. Differences in Sex of Mules
  10. Dispelling Old Mule Stereotypes
  11. Donkey Aggressive When Being Haltered
  12. Donkey Gelding Attacking Herd
  13. Donkey Registry
  14. Equine Program Clinic?
  15. Full & Half Grade Draft Horse Registry Open
  16. Funny Faces & Antics
  17. How much weight can my mule or donkey carry?
  18. Instilling Courage
  19. Registering Donkey with Unknown Parentage
  20. Socializing New Mules
Mules In 4-H
  1. 4-H Comments
  2. Bishop and 4-H Help
  3. Change 4-H Rules
  4. Mules in 4-H
  1. Abuse At Mule Days?
  2. Application: Mule Division of AHSA
  3. AQHA All-Breed Open To Mules
  4. Bolting from Strangers
  5. Can Mules Compete?
  6. Donkey Wins Over NATRC
  7. Halter Class Questions
  8. How Well Can Mules Perform in Dressage?
  9. Lily at the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo
  10. Little Dressage Schooling Show
  11. Marathon Showing
  12. Mule Acceptance with USEF
  13. Mule Promotion & USEF Acceptance
  14. Mules and AHSA
  15. Mules At Horse Shows?
  16. Mules In The Olympics?
  17. Statement from AHSA Officers
  18. Testimonial of a “First” Dressage
  19. Thanks & Mule Prejudice
  20. USA Equestrian Invite
  21. When Not Green?
  22. Why Shave Mule Tails?
  1. Attaching Elbow Pull Draw Reins
  2. Crupper Used in Videos
  3. Donkey Twisting Head on Lead Rope
  4. Running off in the Drivelines
  5. Saddles for Mules
  6. Skittish on the Drivelines
  1. As Seen On RFD-TV
  2. Beginner’s Training for Older Equines
  3. Bolting from Strangers
  4. Bucking at Canter
  5. Donkey Twisting Head on Lead Rope
  6. Hard to Catch, Stiff in the Neck, Ear Shy Mule
  7. Head Shy, Hard to Catch Donkey
  8. Herd-bound, Hard to Catch Mule
  9. Jumping Miniature Equines
  10. Losing Balance on the Lunge Line
  11. Riding Issues and Respect
  12. Mule Spooked at Gate
  13. Mule Won’t Unload
  14. Nervous Mini-Mule
  15. Pulling on Brakes
  16. Running off in the Drivelines
  17. Scared of Bikes and ATVs
  18. Skittish on the Drivelines
  19. Snacking on the Trail
  20. The “Herd Leader”
  21. Trained Mule Regressing at New Home
  22. Two-strapped Saddle or Not
  23. A Mule That Lost an Eye
  24. Saddle With Rear Girth Closer to the Flank
  25. Using the Elbow Pull to Correct Posture
  26. Improve Your Riding Without a Coach
  27. Bitless Bridles, Hackamores and Halters
  1. How to Worm a Difficult Mule
  2. How to Stop a Mule From Bolting on the Lead Line
  3. What to do About Flies and Insects Causing Sores
  4. What Should I Look for in a Friend for My Donkey
  5. How Do I Teach My Mule to Stand Still
  6. Is Using a Muzzle Harmful to my Donkey’s Training
  7. How do You get Your Donkeys to Lunge
  8. Is Training Donkeys Different from Training Mules and Horses
  9. What All do I Need to do to Teach My Equines to Drive if I Try to do it Myself
  10. My Mule has Large Bald Spots.
  11. My mule is very nervous about new things.
  12. Question about using Ivermectin
  13. Training my mule and my donkey to drive
  14. Staying fit to ride in the spring