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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: My heart feels like it's bleeding as I write this. Our beautiful baby, Star Fire, crashed again yesterday morning, and this time it was clear she was finished fighting to stay with us.. When we were at the vet in CA, it was clear that we could "end her fight" based on the cost, her chances etc. _It reminded me of the 907 horses we sorted in South Dakota and how some folks kept telling me to "euthanize", (in my book "kill") the ones that needed extra help, might not be easy and would take a lot of time and effort, _ However, that is not what we do. One look in her eyes and I knew that we had to keep fighting with her. As we were leaving, the vet gave us a 50/50 chance. I made a promise when I started this. If God placed an animal in front of us, no matter what species, I would never fighting, because it was inconvenient, or might need some medical care. I promised to fight along side that critter as long as he or she wanted to fight. (Sadly, I do realize that there are times when my job is simply to provide comfort, love, and round the clock care.) This is one of the reasons we are asking for help today. We still had not covered the entire $2000 bill in CA. Add yesterday's emergency call, and due to some of the kids up in WA being sick, we have had additional costs due to numerous vet visits and those are still an issue. There were some wonderful folks who pledged generously and then for reasons I call "life", were unable to send the funds. So that was a little bit of ...
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Our Hearts Are Heavy, Again…and Again

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Calico Girl! "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt. Strength, courage, and confidence defined Calico Girl.  This brave filly stood strong one last time after suffering a catastrophic injury late yesterday afternoon. Although we're not sure how it happened, the herd had been frolicking in the pasture, and we're guessing she took an awkward fall on slippery ground.  She fractured the head of her right femur beyond repair.  There were no options for her but to ease her pain. Calico Girl came to AAE with her mom, Gypsy, in April 2018.  They traveled the road from She was just weeks old. She was an incredibly confident and proud little gal.  Her every move was bold and brave.  Calico Girl protected her mom from the fierce humans at AAE in the cutest way.  She'd stand tall and proud, the half-pint she was, and give a look that said "Stay back Mom, I got this".  Really, it took her a long time to trust humans, even though she met them very early on.  She wanted, but resisted in such a sassy way. Really, she was a clone of her mom.  She looked, she acted, she oozed of Gypsy.  Ironically, Calico Girl came to AAE DreamCatchers Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary for safety from the harsh winter elements.  These things aren't supposed to happen here, and not to such a young life. Calico Girl has so much love and life to give. Only recently was she really letting go and proudly enjoying human interaction.  Today, we'll all grieve for what could have been, an exceptional, athletic, bold and brave life...that ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: YOU saved Artie!!!! Artie is with me in Shingletown and hopefully headed to NV soon. Sadly, we are currently in a "Nursery 911". Baby season is fast approaching, and although we have started to set up the nursery in Toppenish, we are devastatingly far behind. We need more shelter, more panels, Foal Lac Powder, Foal Lac Pellets, grain, medical supplies, shavings, hay for the babies, and the list is endless.When that phone rings, it is go time, and we won't have time to do anything but provide critical care. This year has been a nightmare of non-stop emergencies in the middle of another emergency. We need your help right away to get this nursery ready, and we need to fence in more space for the Devil's Garden horses we have to "babysit" in NV. We are praying a local rescue will step up to at least help with the Yakima foals. For now it is Chilly Pepper - Mama Mel's Urgent Care Nursery and the folks we work with to help place the babies. We cannot do this alone. It is way too much, and we are being called for more and more babies in NV. Matt and I will be delivering 12 of the Devil's Garden horses to the east coast. This was Matts gig, but we simply cannot mix newly gelded studs, with very pregnant mares. I don't mind doing the work, but we need to raise funds for fuel, travel etc. These are the wild horses being sold for $1 each - YES, ONE DOLLAR EACH and sold in lots of 34 horses? Hmmmm, sounds like a slaughter truck load to me. So between delivering the kids that are being adopted in Idaho, bringing home the 11 that are still at ...
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Save the Date: Boots and Bling 2019!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: We are excited to announce our 6th Annual SAVE THE DATE so you can join us this year as we celebrate  10 years of Successful Horse Rescue!   We can't do it without you!  This is a super fun event that includes  a BBQ dinner, Live and Silent Auctions, Music and Dancing!   Boots & Bling funds a large portion of AAE's annual budget ensuring we continue saving and serving horses and humans throughout the year. A BIG thank you to Western States Horse Expo! We are so excited to be a part of your spectacular event!   Boots & Bling needs YOU!  Event SPONSORSHIP   and  TABLE  SPONSORSHIP options are available!     For more information or to sign on as a sponsor, please contact lindsay@allaboutequine.org. We also need LIVE and SILENT AUCTION DONATIONS!   For more information or to make a donation, please contact dani@allaboutequine.org. All donation are needed by 4/21/19           Most importantly, we need VOLUNTEERS to help with the event.  If you can help with set-up, clean-up, dinner prep or service, auction support, or anywhere needed, please contact wendy@allaboutequine.org. We can't wait for our fun-filled night raising funds to support horses and AAE !  We hope you'll join us!! Daily Horse Care, especially pm shifts needed now (Daily 8a-12p or 3p-6p) Used Tack Store Support, all areas needed now (Fri - Mon, 12-4p, other days possible) More opportunities: Barn/Facility Maintenance Foster Homes, Long-Term Foster/Sanctuary Homes Capital Campaign Support Board Members Fundraising/Events Grants - Writing and Research Volunteer, Project, and Activity Coordinators Outreach Activities Youth Programs Therapy Programs Veteran Programs Special Projects Admin Support Marketing Graphics Social Media Bloggers Photographers Media and/or Photo Librarian More, more, more Interested in volunteering or volunteering in other areas? Email volunteer@allaboutequine.org Employers Match Donations, Does Yours? Hey volunteers! Did you know YOU could earn grant ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Another call - another life to save. Artie needs our help and he needs it now. Artie is a Thoroughbred - Percheron cross. Sounds like he could be a big boy. Artie has to be off the property immediately, and Animal Control is waiting in the wings. His owner cannot take him with her. She loves him dearly, but he needs special help right now. I believe he is approximately 11 years old? He is still a stallion and has been brutally traumatized, leaving him in a state where no one has been able to handle him. Dogs killed his pasture mates and there has been more trauma from nearby folks. He can not be haltered at this time, and Animal Control has indicated it is "now or never" from what I understand. He needs his hoofers trimmed badly, and none of the local farriers are willing to work with him anymore. As they are unable to halter him, he can not be handled or taken to a vet for sedation. Being a stallion that age, and not being afraid or respectful like a wild horse would be, he has the potential to be extremely dangerous if he is not handled carefully. He loves his mama, but sadly through no fault of her own, she cannot provide what he needs. This rescue will be expensive when you add up fuel, lodging, and everything else that goes along with this kind of rescue. As usual, we are willing to step up and do everything we can to save his life. It is going to be roughly 1600 miles driving in the middle of all of our other deliveries, and that is going to cost quite a bit not to mention special vetting, sedation, getting ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: YOU DID IT!! We rescued ALL 32 babies thanks to your love and support. Matt and I picked up 24 babies and brought them back to Chilly Pepper in Golconda. A friend of ours helped out by placing 8 in California, and babies are heading out to many different places. As always, we have incurred all the costs, so THANK YOU FOR SAVING THESE LIVES! UPDATE - STAR FIRE & SWEETHEART. Both these babies are in extremely critical condition. Poor Star Fire tried her best to crash this morning. She was not getting up and her body temperature was dangerously low. Thankfully, we were able to help her bounce back. But that is what these babies do. They are like roller coasters, and it is literally hour by hour at this point. So please say your prayers and if you can, help us provide the special care and feed that they need. Little things like running the heat lamps, tank heaters etc. can add a strain on the budget. We had the vet here two days ago getting the Pauite babies ready to travel. They really like to eat, and we are going through about $3800 a month for hay alone, taking care of the horses here. So we really appreciate any help any one wants to give to keep these little bellies full. Getting the Coggins (blood tests required for Health Certificates so horses can be adopted and travel) and helping Black Bandit go home to his Mama and the Angels also cost close to $1400. We have a lot of folks willing to help take on some of these babies, and of course 99% are Out of State, _but it is going to cost quite a bit to transport them. However, ...
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