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Save Your Ass Rescue Newletter

The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue: A little bit about us.. I have never been happier to see a year come to an end. 2019 has been the most difficult year for Save Your Ass Long Ear rescue since our inception as a non-profit in 2007. At this time last year, I was recovering from a broken leg and messed up ankle. This is when my friend, and most amazing employee Hannah Exel, stepped up to the plate. She has not backed down since. Hannah has been an animal lover since her childhood; nurtured at the knee of her grandfather Elbridge Bellows. His love of his draft horses got and kept Hannah especially interested in equines. The “manure hit the fan” in April when we took in six sick donkeys which changed our workload dramatically. Hannah went into overdrive. She worked, and continues to work closely with our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Kristen Clapp and super tech Remington Morancy, in keeping on top of what animals need and setting up appointments to make sure those needs are taken care of. Hannah is no stranger to hard work and totes hay bales and snow plows driveways and paddocks, and feeds the rescues and cares for them 5 days out of the week. She has become a fencing wizard, ensuring all animals are safely confined within beautiful, straight fence lines. It has been an amazing experience for me to see this young woman who came to work at SYA in 2015 blossom and become a real force to be reckoned with. I am proud that Hannah is not only a valued board member, but Shelter Manager, and has gotten the positive reinforcement bug big time and has become a phenomenal trainer. She is taking Ben Hart's training course and will be ...
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Believe in the Magic of the Season

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: It was another busy year and you've made this world a better place for some lucky horses. We hope you have enjoyed the stories you made possible in 2019. This year, we took in 32 equines and 28 were adopted, closing the year with an 87.5% adoption rate. Sadly, the need continues on, and there are many more horses waiting for help. You have one last chance to show our support in 2019 to help us prepare for another year of helping horses in 2020. SUPPORT AAE, DONATE HERE We can not do this without you! Thank you all for your support! Let us Remember!  As we conclude our stories reflecting on 2019, and we anticipate the excitement of the new year, we want to take a moment to remember those we lost.  Sadly, in 2019 we said goodbye to two very special horses, Beau and Calico Girl, as well as our beloved little goat, Cupcake. Sweet and handsome ol' Beau brought a lot of smiles and warm fuzzies to many of our volunteers.  In turn, our volunteers gave Beau love to the end, and we were his forever home.   Sadly,  we had to say goodbye when he experienced a very painful colic likely caused by a strangulating lipoma.  Miss you, Beau!! Calico Girl crossed the rainbow bridge after a mysterious pasture accident that resulted in a severe leg fracture.  There was no "fix" that would give her a pain free life.  Cali Girl was a brave, courageous lil' gal from the start; her loss was a tragic end to our warrior-girl! We'll never forget you, Cali Girl. Cupcake was our teenage goat that had a cancerous lesion around her bottom.  She outlived everyone's expectations.  Cupcake was the bestest lil' goat we ever did know. Cupcake, ...
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