Wrangler’s Donkey Diary: Second Lesson Day



Even though Wrangler is nearing ten years old in this post, and has been ridden before, my approach to training is always the same way with all of my animals…as if they have never been trained. They need the highly structured Core Strength Leading Exercises in the Hourglass Pattern first, followed by adding Coordination over and through obstacles, straight through them to oversome fear and build confidence, and later, broken down into very small Balancing tasks. Once they have solidified their good posture and ideal body carriage, only then are they ready to begin work in the Round Pen. Wrangler completed his Leading Exercises in the Hourglass Pattern and will do more work there, but for the sake of variety to his routine, I opted to graduate him to some work in the Round Pen. In this post, you will also see how we deal with spring shedding effectively and how we get tack and equipment to fit nicely for good health and optimum performance.

Simple hairbrush bristles remove more undercoat


The loose hair on top scrapes off easily


Place girth 4 inches from forearm


Lossen crupper strap & insert tail


Adjust snugly, but not tight


Much improved walking in sync


Proper turn through the gate


More impulsion & flexibility at walk left


First offer to trot easily


Begin reverse


Improved posture & balance at walk right


Offer to trot right


Hindquarter engagement before halt


Improved in sync back to work station


Slide saddle back to loosen crupper – learns to stand quietly


Remove saddle

Bristles are longer which is enough to get it all


No more shedding blade hair breakage


Adjust back girth snug enough to hold the saddle down


Scratch rear for relaxation of the tail


Place saddle over the center of balance


Patient while opening gate


Improved gate posture


Improved posture & balance at walk left


Beginning to find his balance


Complete reverse on correct pivot foot


Improved posture & balance at walk right


Finding balance at trot right


We did GOOD!


Remove bridle & put on halter


Slide crupper off tail


Back to the barn IN SYNC!

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