We could lose 40,000 wild horses… if you don’t act now


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We could lose 40,000 wild horses if you don’t act TODAY!

SJR 3, a resolution that calls on Congress to fund brutal helicopter roundups of at least 40,000 of Nevada’s cherished wild horses and burros, is being pushed by cattlemen, big game hunters and wildlife trappers who want to profit from the public land where wild horses roam.

Nevada’s wild horses belong to all Americans, so we need everyone to weigh in against this bill today.

Please send an email to the Nevada Senate Natural Resources Committee and tell them that you oppose SJR 3: SenNR@sen.state.nv.us. Be sure to use the subject line “I oppose SJR3.”

Personalized emails will make the most impact! Use these talking points when sending your email:

  • SJR 3 supports brutalizing Nevada’s wild horses and burros and decimating their wild populations so cattle can graze the public lands where they live.
  • SJR 3 is against the wishes of 86% of Nevadans who want to protect and humanely manage wild horses and burros.
  • SJR3 supports spending $1 billion or more in taxpayer dollars on the failed approach of roundups instead of long-term solutions like fertility control.
  • SJR3 will harm Nevada ecotourism and business development because few of these iconic animals will be left for visitors and residents to enjoy.
  • SJR 3 would lead to slaughter because the cost of rounding up and incarcerating so many wild horses and burros would quickly become untenable.

It’s critical that you weigh in against SJR 3. Please email SenNR@sen.state.nv.us now!

— American Wild Horse Campaign


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