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Thank you! Here’s what’s next —


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thanks to overwhelming support from activists like you, our Spring Campaign was a great success. We were able to raise over $50,000 that will go toward saving and protecting our nation’s wild horses.

With your help, we’re able to continue to battle for wild horses and burros in the courts and in the field.

From everyone at AWHC, thank you.

But we’re still in the midst of one of our biggest battles. Right now, Congress is finalizing a spending bill that may include provisions for the roundup and slaughter of over 90,000 wild horses across the United States.

The deal will be done within the next 10 days. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call the Leadership of the House and Senate. See numbers below. Simply deliver this message: “I’m calling to urge Senator/Representative _____ to keep horse slaughter out of 2018 spending legislation by maintaining the Senate versions of Agriculture and Interior Appropriations bills. Please stand with the 80% of Americans who oppose horse slaughter and want our wild horses protected and humanely managed, not killed or slaughtered.”
  1. Contact your representatives now. Tell them that you stand with the 80% of Americans who oppose killing wild horses and burros, and want them protected and humanely managed on our public lands. Take action here.

It’ll be a long fight to make sure the lives of wild horses and burros are no longer in jeopardy. But with your support, we’re making gains toward a successful future.

Thank you,



Act now. Tomorrow could be too late.


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Don’t let the BLM destroy tens of thousands of wild horses!

The BLM wants to sell off our country’s heritage to the highest bidder — and Congress might let them do it. We need your help to stop the roundup, sale, and slaughter of our wild horses.

The national budget is being debated now — and it includes provisions that allow for the destruction of wild horses. We have a limited amount of time to protect wild horses. Can you chip in to our Spring Protection Campaign today?

Donate $10 or more now to help us reach our $50,000 goal and stop the slaughter of thousands of American wild horses. Only days left to meet our goal!

At AWHC, we’re doing everything we can to protect the futures of these beautiful animals — in the field, in the courtroom, and in the halls of Congress.

Earlier this year we sued the BLM to challenge the its ten-year plan to cruelly round up and remove nearly 10,000 federally-protected wild horses in Nevada and sterilize wild stallions who remain on the range. We’ve been documenting roundups, working with local businesses, ranchers and other stakeholders, promoting long-term and humane solutions to the challenges facing horses and burros. But there are some threats — like this budget — that we need to tackle today.

Click here to donate. The fate of our American wild horses is in your hands.

If we don’t act now, tomorrow will be too late.

Thank you for your support.

– AWHC Team


The fate of 90,000 wild horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We’ve got a number of fights on our hands, but the most pressing of all is the budget being debated in Congress right now. A proposed amendment would allow the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to destroy healthy wild horses and burros, putting the lives of up to 90,000 animals at risk.

That’s not a move toward sustainable management — that’s a massacre.

We’ve launched the Spring Protection Campaign to fuel all our work to protect wild horses — can you help?

Stand with us in telling Congress that the mass slaughter of wild horses and burros is inhumane and wrong.

We’re in the halls of Congress, fighting back against these disastrous, inhumane proposals. And, we’ve teamed up with over 80 other organizations to urge Congress to maintain protections for wild horses and burros against mass killing and slaughter. But we need to do even more to protect these iconic animals.

As Americans, the fate of 90,000 horses is in our hands. Help us prevent the passage of the BLM’s cruel and lethal budget plan before it’s too late.

Please donate today and stand up for our wild horses and burros.

We can do this.

Suzanne Roy


UPDATE: Panicked horses chased by helicopters, rounded up, and penned


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Help us change this– pitch in today

Picture dozens of terrified horses, lathered in sweat despite frigid temperatures, eyes wide with fear, running away from government helicopters. Exhausted and resigned, they are driven into traps, then trucked to packed holding pens where they languish for weeks, months, and even years.

That’s what our AWHC team witnessed in Nevada, Utah, and Oregon already this year, as we documented BLM roundups. I’m just back from the Triple B roundup in Nevada where I filmed hundreds of horses, including heavily pregnant mares and several tiny foals, stampeded by helicopters. The trauma of the roundups will cause many of the captured mares tol abort their foals.

These barbaric roundups will keep happening unless we fight back. That’s why AWHC has launched the Spring Protection Campaign to make sure that all of its vital work continues — from documenting BLM roundups, to advocating for a slaughter-free budget in Washington, to defending wild horses and burros in court.

Please, make a donation in honor of the 2,000 proud American mustangs who have lost their freedom so far this year in BLM roundups.


The lives of every one of these horses are in danger as Congress decides whether or not to give the BLM permission to kill or slaughter as many as 90,000 of them.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Long-term, humane management via birth control is more than just possible; it’s the best option. But the BLM is committed to perpetuating its cruel, inhumane management practices. That’s why documenting the roundups is so important — to let all Americans know about the abuse that our government is perpetrating against our iconic wild horses and burros.

This is a tough fight, but AWHC is in it for the long haul. This week has been hard — but I’m more determined than ever to save these beautiful, wild creatures.

Please donate now to keep AWHC in the fight.

Michael A.
AWHC Videographer