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We have a wild horse champion headed to the Interior


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

Here is your latest news on all things wild horses and burros!

Wild Horse Champion Haaland Heads to Interior Department

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources will hold a confirmation hearing to consider the nomination of New Mexico Representative Deb Haaland for secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Secretary-designate Haaland would be the first Native American to head this department that oversees more than 450 million acres of public land in the nation.

AWHC has had the pleasure of working with Secretary-designate Haaland in Congress. As chair of the Public Lands Subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee, she has worked to reform the inhumane and expensive federal wild horse roundup program by supporting humane solutions, such as PZP fertility control, and has opposed the brutal surgical sterilization procedures the BLM continues to pursue.

Because Secretary-designate Haaland is a champion of protecting our public lands and the wild animals that inhabit them, her nomination faces stiff opposition from the oil/gas, mining, and livestock industries. So, today, we’re asking everyone who cares about wild horses and burros and our public lands to take just a moment to call your Senators in support of her confirmation.

Please call Senator Michael Bennet at (202) 224-5852 and Senator John Hickenlooper at (202) 224-5941

You can say,  “Hello, I am a constituent of Senator [Name] and I am calling to ask that they please support the confirmation of Deb Haaland* for Interior Secretary. Her leadership is necessary to protect our nation’s public lands and natural resources, including our federally-protected wild horses and burros. Thank you.” *pronounced like the country, Holland.

Then, follow up your call with a message! >> Take Action <<

New BLM Wild Horse and Burros Advisory Board Member Called Wild Horses a ‘Protein Source’

Speaking of a new Interior Department, former Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and his illegally serving Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director William Perry Pendley will go down in history as the worst stewards of our nation’s public lands. The past four years have seen an unrelenting assault on the environment, wildlife, and America’s wild horses and burros.

Before they left town, Bernhardt and Pendley appointed Beaver County, Utah Commissioner Tammy Pearson to represent the “public interest” on the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. Pearson is a flagrantly corrupt choice for this position. A 40-year public lands rancher whose allotments are in wild horse Herd Management Areas in Utah, Pearson has lobbied and testified for wild horse roundups and in favor of horse slaughter.

She discounts the strong opinion of the American public against the slaughter of wild and domestic horses as “romanticizing” an animal that the “whole rest of the world” considers a “protein source.” In her 2017 testimony before the Utah legislature, she blamed horses for all the damage in the areas where her cattle graze and claimed that wild horses there were suffering from overpopulation and starvation. You can listen to her testimony below.

AWHC opposes this unscrupulous appointment and believes it violates a conflict of interest provision under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, so we’re taking action. We’ll keep you posted and in the meantime, be sure to check out our Op-ed about her appointment, published yesterday in the Grand Junction Sentinel. >> Read More <<

We’re Fighting for Humane Management With Science

Instead of the unscientific approach of mass helicopter roundups, humanely managing wild horses requires a more sophisticated method that relies on fieldwork and on-the-ground knowledge of the horse or burro populations a particular BLM district is managing.

AWHC aims to harness science and technology to advance the goal of humane management of these iconic animals. AWHC already runs the largest humane wild horse fertility control program in the world. Now we’re excited to be partnering with WildMe, a non-profit that builds open software and artificial intelligence for the conservation community with the goal of protecting at-risk species.

Our goal is to develop an algorithm that will identify individual horses from photographs, something that will greatly enhance the efficiency of our fertility control efforts while providing a mechanism for accurate censusing and tracking of wild herds, using citizen science for the collection of data.

Currently, our Virginia Range fertility control program volunteers identify horses manually by photograph, based on our extensive database of more than 3,000 horses cataloged by color, markings, social affiliation, location and any other identifying features. It’s a method that works, as evidenced by our record of delivering over 3,000 fertility control treatments in less than two years. However, it is time-consuming. Having an algorithm that allows a volunteer to take a photo, run it through the software and come up with the data file on that specific horse will make the process of identifying mares in need of PZP treatment much faster – something our volunteers — who are often in the field under punishing weather conditions – will greatly appreciate!

The research should be complete by June and we should know at that time whether the algorithm (PIE) being tested will work for horses. We’ll keep you posted. >> Learn More <<


UPDATE: Double your impact this weekend and help us save 3,000 wild horses (!)


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:


BREAKING: BLM moves to round up as many as 4,000 wild horses in Wyoming


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

The Bureau of Land Management just unveiled a plan that would decimate Wyoming’s wild horse population, reducing the population there by more than one-third.

The Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout would ERADICATE wild horses from the Salt Wells, Great Divide and White Mountain Herd Management Areas (HMAs) along the famed Wild Horse Scenic Loop. Additionally, the population in the remaining Adobe Town HMA would be slashed significantly.

It’s hard to overstate the irreversible damage this plan will inflict. By the numbers:

3,000+ — The number of wild horses the BLM will permanently remove from the state,

38% — The percentage of the state’s entire wild horse and burro population that would be removed under this plan,

2,500,000 — The number of acres that will be eliminated as wild horse habitat, meaning wild horses will be eradicated from this wide expanse of public land,

0 — The number of wild horses that will remain in the Great Divide Basin, White Mountain and Salt Wells Creek HMAs.

The Checkerboard wild horse population has long been a target of the powerful Rock Springs Grazing Association, whose members profit from steep taxpayer subsidies to support their privately owned cattle and sheep herds on public lands, including in these HMAs.

We cannot allow the BLM to sell out the interests of the American people and our country’s federally protected wild horses and burros to elevate the private profits of the livestock industry.

We set a goal of reaching 10,000 signatures before the end of the day: Join AWHC in calling on the BLM and this Administration to reverse this plan that could result in the removal of more than one-third of Wyoming’s wild horses.

AWHC has been involved in litigation to defend Wyoming’s wild horses since 2011. We’ve achieved a number of victories in the courts, including at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

You can learn more about the Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout and the areas affected here.

We will continue to do all we can to protect Wyoming’s cherished icons.

Thank you for getting involved,

American Wild Horse Campaign


A major victory for the captive Fish Springs horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

Over the holidays, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) removed four families of wild horses from Fish Springs in Nevada’s Carson Valley, including the famed stallion Samson.

Hundreds of thousands of you reached out and got involved in the fight to keep Samson and the captured Fish Springs horses together with the hope of returning them to the wild.

While the BLM did not agree to return them to the wild, we are pleased to report that, after a coordinated and dedicated effort between a half dozen organizations working together, we were successful in keeping these cherished wild horse families intact.

During the online BLM auction for the captive Fish Springs horses, AWHC coordinated with Montgomery Creek Ranch and Freedom Reigns Equine Sanctuary to secure ten wild horses from two bands led by the stallions Rocky and Rusty.

Happily, these two families — which include three generations in Rocky’s band: 19-year-old Copper, Copper’s daughter Luna and Luna’s baby Jimmy — will now run together at Freedom Reigns’ beautiful, 3,800-acre sanctuary in California.

At the same time, Skydog Sanctuary successfully bid on Samson’s band — which includes four generations of horses: Old Momma, a 26-year old veteran mare, her daughter Apple, Apple’s daughter Dumplin’ and her colt Sam — and will provide them lifetime refuge at its beautiful 8,000-acre sanctuary in Oregon. A local family stepped up to accept the remaining horses.

The Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates are pitching in to fund the transport of the horses to the sanctuaries as well as the gentling of the horses headed for the private ranch.

Meanwhile, the work continues to keep the remaining Fish Springs horses — and all of America’s wild horses throughout the West — wild in their habitat on our public lands.

We couldn’t have done this without you,

American Wild Horse Campaign


LAST CHANCE: To double your impact and help save America’s wild horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

We’re 85% of the way to our $100,000 End of Year fundraising goal. If we raise $15,291 before midnight, ALL donations up to $100,000 will be matched!

This past year, we’ve mobilized in a way like never before on behalf of America’s wild horses and burros.

This year alone, we’ve:

  • Delivered 662,000 petition signatures in support of wild horses
  • Submitted 115,000 public comments on government decisions
  • Filed 28 Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Darted over 1,200 mares with the PZP fertility vaccine

And that’s only the beginning. AWHC has major plans for 2020 but our ability to get involved and expand our programs depends on hitting our End of Year fundraising goal.

All we need to do is raise $15,291 online in the next 6 hours and we’ll unlock $100,000 in matched donations. Can we count on you to donate before midnight?

Thank you and Happy New Year’s Eve!

American Wild Horse Campaign

Donate (X2!)

We need to pick up the pace


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

Earlier this month, the Congress gave the green light to accelerate roundups in the West, which could result in as many as 20,000 wild horses being removed from public lands in 2020.

This comes at a time when the Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management is describing mustangs and burros as an ‘existential threat’ to the survival of public lands…. Even though wild horses aren’t even on 88% of those lands! We know what this scapegoating of wild horses will mean if we don’t stop it.

Many of you have reached out and asked why don’t we sue to stop this? Well, the answer is we are!

90% of the suits our legal team files we win — and our ongoing litigation is one of the most important ways we’re fighting back and setting legal precedents to defend America’s wild horses and burros.

California: AWHC successfully prevented the U.S. Forest Service from significantly reducing the size of the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory in California — One of the largest in the state.

Nevada: AWHC filed suit to challenge the BLM’s decision to permanently remove all wild horses from the Caliente Herd Area in Nevada without considering any reductions to domestic livestock in the area.

Oregon: AWHC sued the BLM in order to stop proposed cruel sterilization surgeries on wild mares. The court granted our request for an injunction, causing the BLM to cancel the experiments.

Utah: AWHC successfully defended wild horses in Utah from a rancher lawsuit that sought the removal of thousands of wild horses from public lands.

Wyoming: AWHC successfully intervened and successfully petitioned the court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the State of Wyoming on behalf of in-state ranchers seeking the forcible removal of thousands of wild horses.

And these are just a handful of examples.

Make sure our legal team has the resources it needs to score more victories for wild horses and burros in 2020 by donating toward our crucial $100,000 End of Year goal (with the deadline to unlock the match approaching at midnight!).

Thank you,

American Wild Horse Campaign

Donate (X2!)

Double down on keeping wild horses and burros free


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:


Thank you,

American Wild Horse Campaign

Donate (X2!)

How $30 can make all the difference in the life of a wild horse


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Great news! — We’re nearly 1/3rd of the way to our $100,000 End of Year goal (which we have to hit in order for all donations to be matched).

But before we ask you to make a donation ahead of our deadline tomorrow night, we wanted to give you a glimpse of where this donation will be going.

In Nevada’s Virginia Range, AWHC operates the world’s largest humane management program for wild horses and burros. The cornerstone of this highly successful program is the remote darting of wild mares with the scientifically proven fertility vaccine known as ‘PZP’.

No need for roundups, expensive and crowded holding corrals, or risky sterilization surgeries. And do you want to know how much it costs for a single mare’s annual PZP vaccine?


Compare that to the tens of thousands of dollars the Bureau of Land Management spends on the roundup, long-term holding, and contractor fees involved in the removal of a single horse.

Let alone the $5 BILLION figure the Acting Director of the BLM is citing as the cost of a plan to round up over 100,000 horses from public lands over the next decade.

If every single one of you gave $30, we would unlock our $100,000 match, hit our End of Year goal, and give our darters in Nevada the resources they need to prevent horses from being removed by using this safe and proven vaccine.

Thank you,

American Wild Horse Campaign

Donate (X2!)

Incredible opportunity! — All donations could be matched through the end of the year


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We have an incredible opportunity, but it’s very time-sensitive and will require all of us working together and pitching in.

The Opportunity: A generous donor has committed to match every single donation up to $100,000 through the end of the year, but only if we meet one condition.

The Condition: We have to raise $100,000 in grassroots donations to unlock the full matching gift.

That gives us just three days to raise the funds to secure this major gift.

Can we count on you to make a donation toward our End Of Year fundraising drive so we can hit this goal, unlock the match, and hit the ground running in 2020?

This year, we’ve made a lot of progress. The U.S. Forest Service is now prohibited from selling wild horses and burros for slaughter, California has enacted new horse protections, and AWHC now runs the world’s largest humane management program for mustangs — proving that there is a safe, cost-effective alternative to cruel roundups.

We also face significant challenges in 2020. Congress’ decision to fund accelerated roundups in 2020 could result in as many as 20,000 wild horses and burros being removed from public lands next year alone.

That’s why we HAVE to end the year strong and begin 2020 with the resources to fight back. Donate today toward our $100,000 End of Year goal, have your donation matched, and help us unlock the full gift.

Thank you,

American Wild Horse Campaign

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Meet Flurry, one of the newest additions to the Virginia Range family


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

This holiday season, we hope you’re not too saddled with work or stressful travel plans and are enjoying some quality time with friends, family and loved ones.

On the topic of family, we wanted to introduce you to one of the newest additions to the Virginia Range in Nevada: Flurry.

Flurry really loves his mom, Empress  — You can find them together exploring the wide expanses of the Virginia Range side-by-side.

Flurry was born recently during one of the first snow storms of the season, and he, his mom and the rest of his herd are doing well. We’ll be keeping a close eye on them, since Flurry, Empress, and their herd are wild horses currently documented in our precedent-setting humane management program.

It’s photos and moments like these that remind us why we’re in this fight together. Empress, Flurry, and all of America’s wild horses and burros deserve to be wild and free with their families.

As we gather with our families this holiday, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to you, our loyal supporters, for all you do to make freedom a reality for wild mustangs like Flurry. Each and every day, with your support, we work to make sure that Flurry and other wild horses have a future in which they can not only survive, but also thrive.

On behalf of everyone at AWHC, we are grateful to you for being part of the AWHC family. Our very best wishes to you and your loved ones, the happiest of holidays and a healthy and joyous New Year.

With Gratitude,

Suzanne, the Board and Staff of AWHC

I’m not losing hope


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

If you’re like me, the news that Congress is going to give the Bureau of Land Management $21,000,000 to round up as many as 20,000 wild horses next year broke my heart.

My name is Deb Walker and I’m the Nevada Field Representative for AWHC. In these moments of heartbreak and hardship, it’s important we remember why we’re in this fight and why we should continue to have hope.

For me, this is personal

When I was younger, I experienced my first glimpse of wild horses in Owyhee above Elko, Nevada. My dad and I were absolutely in awe watching the horses.

When I grew older, my husband and I made a habit of visiting northern Nevada to see wild horses (from a respectable distance). Every Thanksgiving, I would gather my camera, grab a coffee, and head out to go see them.

Fast forward to when I approached retirement from the Air Force. My husband asked me where I would like to go and retire. For me, that decision was easy: I wanted to retire in northern Nevada where I could live as close to wild horses as possible.

And it’s what ultimately motivated me to work with AWHC as its Nevada Field Representative.

What I do

I think my dad, who recently passed, would certainly approve of my work. I want my two daughters and my three grandchildren to have these experiences and make the same memories with the horses like I did.

That’s why the news about Congress giving the green light to accelerate roundups next year just motivates me to work harder. As the Nevada Field Representative, I get to work with a team of incredible volunteers in the largest humane management program for wild horses in the entire world.

Since April, our team administered more than 1,200 PZP fertility treatments to wild horses — that’s almost double the number the BLM, with its $80-million-a-year program budget, did in an entire year!

Together, we’re proving that there is a more humane and cost-effective way to manage wild horse populations that does NOT require roundups or risky sterilization surgeries.

That’s why, despite this week’s disappointing news, I am hopeful about what we can accomplish together for our wild horses and burros in the New Year.

Thank you for being a part of our AWHC family,

Deb Walker
Nevada Field Representative
American Wild Horse Campaign


On anniversary of Wild Horse Act, Congress REJECTS bipartisan protections


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

Yesterday, the House and Senate unveiled an agreement on the fiscal year 2020 spending legislation. The final bill rejects the efforts of bipartisan lawmakers to prevent federal funds from being allocated toward cruel sterilization surgeries and accelerated roundups.

The vast majority of Americans, from both parties, oppose these surgeries and roundups.

But, this bipartisan effort to protect wild horses and burros was rejected in favor of a backroom deal cut by Washington D.C. lobbyists for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the Humane Society of the U.S., the ASPCA, and Return to Freedom that seeks federal funding for the roundup of as many as 20,000 wild horses and burros from our public lands next year.

This week marks the 48th anniversary of the signing of the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, and the spending bill unveiled yesterday marks a sweeping and unparalleled betrayal of these beloved and iconic animals by groups that say they want to protect them.

But we’re not giving up! The words of then-President Nixon in his signing statement for the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act stand as true today as they did in 1971.

“Wild horses and burros merit man’s protection historically … as a matter of ecological right–as anyone knows who has ever stood awed at the indomitable spirit and sheer energy of a mustang running free.”

Then, as today, the American people stand firmly on the side of protecting America’s majestic public horses and the public lands they live on.


  1. Arm yourself with the facts. The groups that are behind this devastating funding bill are using deceptive language to justify their actions. Learn the truth by clicking here.
  2. Support AWHC. We have numerous promising avenues to fight back in 2020, which we will pursue vigorously and with your support. Now more than ever, your support is making a difference.

Meanwhile, rest up, stay ready, stay committed and stay strong! Our wild horses and burros need you today more than ever!

Thank you,

American Wild Horse Campaign



BLM to permanently remove 431 wild horses from Nevada


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is currently conducting a roundup at the Desatoya Mountain Herd Management Area located approximately 77 miles east of Fallon, Nevada.

The BLM plans on permanently removing 431 wild horses from the area with the intention of leaving just 127 in the herd (leaving one horse per 1,273 acres of public land). Our field representative was on the ground and joined local advocates in warning the BLM to properly flag ALL barbed wire fencing to prevent scared wild horses from colliding with it.

Our warnings were not heeded and terrified wild horses fleeing helicopters crashed through multiple barbed wire fences as a result.

This is just further proof that these roundups are unnecessarily cruel (and entirely unnecessary)!

AWHC’s field representatives are sometimes the only eyes, ears, and oversight on the site of roundups throughout the West. But AWHC does more than just document these roundups, our legal counsel just filed a complaint with the BLM over this recurrent problem and we intend to hold the agency accountable.

We’re also working to make roundups a thing of the past by demonstrating that there are safer, far more humane and cost-effective ways to manage wild horse populations (in fact, we’re implementing the world’s largest humane management program for wild horses right here in Nevada).

We know these photos are heartbreaking and the news of these roundups can be disheartening. But we can’t lose hope — When we lose hope, our wild horses lose their voice and their chance to live in peace in the wild.

That’s why we’re in this fight.

By making a donation, you keep our field representatives on the ground — You keep our legal team fighting on behalf of wild horses — And you keep our humane management program in Nevada up and running.

We will continue to speak up and fight,

American Wild Horse Campaign


Less than 12 hours to go — Can we count on you to give?


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

AWHC has an incredible team of staff, specialists and volunteers across the country working to keep America’s wild horses and burros wild.

The Bureau of Land Management is trying to convince Congress that mass roundups and surgical sterilization of wild horses are the only solutions to managing America’s wild horse and burro population. With the capitulation of the ASPCA, HSUS and Return to Freedom to the livestock industry agenda, we’re the last ones standing fighting for the future of wild herds.

Make no mistake: the scale of the removals proposed — a staggering 130,000 wild horses and burros over the next ten years — will result in both the destruction of wild horses and burro populations in the wild and the mass slaughter of those held in captivity. 

AWHC is fighting back hard, in Congress, in the courts and in the field where we’re implementing humane management programs to prove that wild horses and burros can be managed without harming them.

We’re in for the fight of our lives in 2020 — Can we count on you to make a matched donation this #GivingTuesday? We’re nearly half of the way to reaching our $50,000 goal but have less than 12 hours to close that gap in time.

Thank you,

American Wild Horse Campaign

Donate (X2!)

Double your impact and help save wild horses this #GivingTuesday


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

This #GivingTuesday, all donations up to $50,000 will be matched but only until midnight.

But we’re not just asking you to rush in a donation — We’re asking you to become a member of the AWHC family and a part of our national movement to save America’s wild horses and burros.

The Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management labeled wild horses and burros as the greatest threat to public lands. He’s spreading disinformation and throwing his support behind cruel plans that could result in the wholesale slaughter of these beautiful animals in our lifetimes.

We refuse to let him get away with this. So when you make a donation to support AWHC, here’s where your money is going:

Education and Advocacy — From Nevada and Utah, to Oregon and Wyoming, sometimes the only public observer on site for roundups is one of our field representatives. But we do more than document these cruel acts. Over the past ten years, we’ve grown our grassroots base 100x in size so that we can be a powerful collective voice for protection of wild horses and burros and against their slaughter.

In The Wild Management — In northern Nevada, AWHC is implementing the world’s largest humane management program for wild horses. The cornerstone of this highly successful program is the remote darting of wild mares with the birth control vaccine PZP. We’re proving that there is a cost-effective, humane, and safe way to manage wild horses that would make roundups and slaughter a relic of the past.

Legislation — From statehouses to the U.S. Capitol, AWHC ensures that wild horses and burros have a voice in both state and federal government. We spearheaded state efforts like California’s AB 128 (which passed this year) and fought successfully in Congress to defeat language that would allow for the transfer and mass killing of wild horses.

Litigation — AWHC and our coalition partners have a strong record of successful litigation, winning over 90% of the cases we file. We’re currently involved in six major lawsuits to prevent inhumane surgical experiments on mares as well as prevent the removal of thousands of wild horses throughout the West. Over the years, we’ve put in place precedents that will stand the test of time, upholding important legal protections granted by Congress to America’s iconic mustangs and burros.

Today represents an incredible opportunity, not only to double your impact, but also to become a member of the AWHC family and the movement we’re building. Together, we will defend America’s wild horses and burros and ensure they remain wild and free. Donate today.


Thank you,

Suzanne Roy
Executive Director
American Wild Horse Campaign

Donate (X2!)



The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:


IT IS BABY TIME ALL THE TIME!!!, and we need your help Now!

It is “Go time” again, although it hasn’t ever really stopped.

They just keep ON coming, and we are about to get hit. It is the time of year when they will start coming in bunches. Now that we are the “go to” for the NV kids as well, we have even more responsibility, and it is keeping us running.

More babies means more milk, and we are going through gallons. The baby in NV is heading to Comstock this morning, and Mel will be giving the new arrival the much needed Colostrum as soon as it gets there. Matt will is heading there now, so people everywhere are working on these babies. A big thanks to Stacy, Maureen Daane and AWHC for taking care of this baby and getting it to Comstock. We will be picking him up as soon as he is done at the vet.

Mel has two babies available for adoption at our nursery in WA. The four that are still with me are not completely out of the woods, but doing well so far.

Once again we need “milk money”, as well as funding for all the other costs involved. We also need to replace our Colostrum supply at the Nursery in WA, as well as the Foal Response, and all the other goodies the newborns need. (Our babies need more help than the ones born domestically, as many of them are left behind due to illness or other physical issues.)

Please donate today and let’s keep on saving more lives!!


You can go to gofundmel

You can go to Paypal

if you would like to help these horses.

                                                                     ->You can donate via check at:

Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang,

PO Box # 190

Golconda, NV 89414

You can also donate via credit card by calling Palomino at 530-339-1458.



Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, WIN Project – Rescue & Rehab

We are now part of the WIN Organization

WIN (WILD HORSES IN NEED) is a 501c3 IRS EIN 55-0882407_

If there are ever funds left over from the cost of the rescue itself, the monies are used to feed, vet, care for and provide shelter and proper fencing for the animals once they are saved.

Donate to Help


Something horrific could happen to horses in Oregon



The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

The BLM is planning dangerous surgical sterilization experiments on wild mares in Oregon.

Warning: this may be hard to read.

In the proposed “ovariectomy via colpotomy,” procedure, a veterinarian makes an incision in the mare’s vagina, inserts his arm into the vaginal cavity, manually locates the ovaries and rips them out using an “ecraseur,” a rod-like device with a chain on the end. The painful procedure will subject mares to the risk of infection, hemorrhage and evisceration, and could cause mares in the early to mid-stages of pregnancy to abort their fetuses.

WE HAVE TO STOP THIS. Click here to submit a comment OPPOSING this cruel treatment.

It is crucial that we act now. The BLM has only provided ONE WEEK to send comments opposing the proposal. And if we don’t take action today, these experiments could mean living hell for helpless horses in Oregon. Can you take a stand for wild horses now?

The plan the BLM is proposing is being done without any academic affiliation whatsoever. The procedures they’re proposing is so cruel that in 2013, the National Academy of Sciences advised that the risk of infection “makes it inadvisable for field application.” There is no reason for believing that these tactics are less risky, expensive, or painful than other birth control methods.

It makes no sense, and yet unless we act TODAY, horses in Oregon will be put through these barbaric experiments. Submit your comment today.

Thank you for taking a stand.




We’re Heading Court Again… And Other News


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fate of 90,000 Horses to be Decided in Congress Next Week 

Photo: Mikel Hettrick

We have just eight days until Congress must make a decision on spending legislation for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2018. Behind the scenes negotiations are going on RIGHT NOW as Congress decides between the Senate Interior spending bill, which prohibits killing and slaughter of wild horses and burros, and the House version, which would allow the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to destroy up to 90,000 mustangs and burros. It’s time to reach out to House and Senate leadership to save the lives of our American mustangs and burros – will you make the calls today?

NV Business Leaders Stand With AWHC to Save Virginia Range Mustangs

Photo: Scott Sonner/AP

We were honored this week to be joined at a press conference in Reno, Nevada by officials from the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRI), the largest industrial park in the world, in support of our fight to save the Virginia Range horses in northern Nevada. TRI Director and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman gave an inspiring talk about the incredible economic development happening at the TRI and how the powerhouse companies there — including Tesla, Switch, and Blockchains — are strongly behind protecting the horses. Tomorrow, we’ll file our lawsuit to stop the state from giving away the horses to a private owner who would then have the “property rights” to do what it wants with the horses, including selling them for slaughter. 

AWHC and TCF Threaten Legal Action Over Upcoming BLM Advisory Board Meeting

AWHC and The Cloud Foundation are taking a stand against the BLM’s violation of public notice requirements in the scheduling of the next meeting of the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, currently set for Salt Lake City on March 27, 2018. Yesterday, William Miller of Scottsdale, AZ, attorney for AWHC and TCF, sent a formal letter demanding that the meeting be rescheduled to allow for the required 30-day public notification. Mr. Miller says: “The BLM must give proper notice so that the public can have a voice on this issue that so many citizens care about. This Board has been consistently out of step with the wishes of Americans, 80 percent of whom oppose the killing and slaughter of our wild horses. We will not stand by while this agency trounces federal law in order to restrict the voice of the people and ram through yet another morally bankrupt and unscientific recommendation to kill our American mustangs.”



Giving Tuesday Update: emergency matching fund


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

— Thanks to a huge outpouring of support, we’ve hit our $25,000 Giving Tuesdaygoal. Now, a major donor has agreed to provide an EMERGENCY match of $10,000 more — if we can reach that goal before midnight.

Can you pitch in right now to help us raise $10,000 and unlock this emergency matching gift to fuel our work for wild horses and burros across the country?




Today is Giving Tuesday, and right now our team is on the ground in Utah to document an abusive government roundup. Starting tomorrow, helicopters will hunt down and trap wild horses, robbing them of the two things they value most: family and freedom. Worse, the lives of every one of these proud mustangs is in danger, thanks to a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plan to kill and sell for slaughter tens of thousands of wild horses and burros in holding facilities and on the range.

A generous AWHC donor has agreed to match all contributions up to our Giving Tuesday goal of $25,000. That means you can double your money by making a contribution by midnight tonight!

At AWHC, we’re working nonstop to keep wild horses and burros free and safe and to defeat attempts by the BLM to slaughter them.

Last week, we achieved a major victory in that battle when the Senate rejected BLM’s lethal plans. But earlier this year, the House passed a spending bill that would allow BLM to kill tens of thousands of healthy wild horses and burros. That means the fight goes on as Congress negotiates to reconcile the two versions of the bill.

We need your help to carry this battle over the finish line. Make your first gift of the year go twice as far and help us unlock this $25,000 matching gift. Give a tax-deductible gift of just $10 or more before midnight and DOUBLE your impact.

In honor of Trey, the tiny pinto foal who was roped, hogtied, captured and separated from his mother at last year’s BLM roundup in the Cedar Mountains … and in honor of all the foals being captured right now in Utah, never again to feel the security of family or the freedom of the open range… please make your Giving Tuesday gift today.

Together, we can build a better future for our magnificent wild horses and burros. Thank you.

In Freedom,

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director

Photo by Caroline Christie


Votes tomorrow?


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

If the current Appropriations bill is passed unchanged, America’s wild horses could drop to near extinction levels. The bill, as written, would lead to the mass killing of healthy wild horses and burros in holding and on the range.It would be a tragic and unprecedented mass slaughter.

Thankfully, a bipartisan amendment has been offered to stop this cruel policy before it begins. With a vote expected as soon as tomorrow, we need you to contact your Congressperson right now:

When you call your Representative, tell them:

  • Vote YES on the Titus/King/Polis/Curbelo/Lujan Grisham Amendment to protect wild horses
  • Vote YES on the Buchanan/Roybal-Allard/Royce/Blumenauer Amendment to stop horse slaughter

Votes this week may very well decide the fate of wild horses and burros in this country. If the amendment votes go against us and the appropriations bill passes, we could see horse slaughter plants opening and new mass killing of wild horses and burros beginning on the range and in holding pens. It’s unthinkable. And we have to stop it.

Call and email your Representative right now.

Thank you,

-Suzanne Roy

P.S. Your donations help us expand and sustain our campaign to protect wild horses, as we put up TV ads and billboards and intensify our advocacy and education efforts. Please donate now.