December 2009
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Dear Friends

Dear Friends:

2009 is nearly a wrap, and what a year it was. Despite personal and economic challenges, we released "Equus Revisited: A Complete Approach to Athletic Conditioning," got the "Jasper Goes to Bishop" Coloring Book out in time for Bishop Mule Days and completed production on the newly released "Jasper Goes to Bishop" DVD. We also made big changes to the ranch, got a new life-size bronze sculpture underway and gave more tours of the Lucky Three than ever before ... all in all it was a good year.

Now, with the new year nearly upon us, it's the perfect time for a new direction and a new challenge. After airing my programs on RFD-TV for nearly a decade, I've made the difficult decision to leave the network in 2010. From your letters, phone calls and e-mails, I know that many of you have enjoyed our shows over the years. We've always tried to provide the most useful and entertaining programming possible and look forward to new opportunities in the coming year. We'll continue to do our best, in new and innovative ways, to support your training efforts and provide the most comprehensive information on mules, donkeys... and horses, too.

Please visit our and often for updates and new information. We have a busy year ahead with plenty of surprises in store. Thank you for your continued support and your diligent efforts to do your best for our longeared friends.

From all of us at Lucky Three Ranch, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!


It's Here! "Jasper goes to Bishop" on DVD!

What's going to be under your tree this year? How about "Jasper Goes To Bishop," our super new program for kids? This amazing blend of animation and live-action not only salutes rural life and Bishop Mule Days, it also delivers a powerful, positive message about what we can achieve with big dreams, persistence and a little help from our friends.

"Jasper Goes to Bishop" will air on RFD-TV Wednesday, Dec. 23, and again Wednesday, Dec. 30. Check your local listing for times. The "Jasper Goes to Bishop" DVD, complete with fun special features is on sale now. To order, please visit or call 800-816-7566.

New Life-size Bronze in the Works

Artist extraordinaire Robin Laws is hard at work on her latest commissioned piece for Meredith-a life-size bronze of Meredith's champion mule Lucky Three Eclipse and Meredith in flight over a jump.

The meticulous process, now in the model stage, is expected to take the better part of a year, and the finished work will be added to Meredith's sculpture park at her ranch. For more information about Meredith's growing sculpture collection or to request a Lucky Three Ranch tour brochure please visit or call 1-800-816-7566.

Greetings from ADMS

Hello to everyone with long ears and short.

This year has gone by in a whirlwind; if it weren't for fall color, chill winds and snow in some areas, it would simply not seem like December has arrived.

This year was very tough for many livestock owners. Many had to give up animals rather than see them starve. Luckily hay and feed prices are reasonable this year, and many are slowly gaining a foothold. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it! There are people willing to help with fostering, feed, or locating a rescue.

If you haven't already done so, this is an excellent time to make sure your paperwork is caught up. Ideally everyone should have a specialized filing cabinet or file box where their papers are kept. This should include bills of sale, registration papers, vet receipts, fees and expense receipts (vet bills, feed bills, fencing supplies, boarding bills, farrier cost, vaccinations, microchip/ID costs, copies of DNA/blood typing results as required by your registry, breeding records, foaling records, etc). It's also an excellent idea to take this information to your scanner and get it onto your computer. It never hurts to have backup reference!

Question: Can I register my donkey even if I don't know who the parents are? She is such a lovely donkey and pretty, too.

Answer: Yes you can. Below are guidelines for donkey registry with the American Donkey and Mule Society.

The ADMS Registry Books

MDR - the Miniature Donkey Registry. Founded in 1958 by Bea Langfeld and now run by ADMS, this registry is exclusively for Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. Up until 2009, any donkey under the height of 36" at the withers could be registered as long as it met basic type and conformation.

Since the numbers are now over 54,500, the book was closed to "untraced" donkeys in Jan 2009. This means that ONLY donkeys who have both parents already registered as Miniature Mediterranean donkeys will be placed in MDR.

Hello friends,

I don't have a mule, yet, but I'm hoping to get a younger gelding next year. I'm a farrier, and have a few customers with mules, plus I see them out on the trail a lot and I've become interested in mules. So, I'm trying to educate myself about them as much as possible so if (hopefully, when) I get a mule, I will be well prepared. Thanks for your help.

Jim K.

Check the Events Calendar at If you know of an event that is not on our list, please let us know.
"Jasper and Friends," by Tennessee Mule Artist Bonnie Shields, is now available for only $59.95. This hand-painted figurine captures the special bond of friendship between Jasper the Mule and his pals Kylie and Moxie-a perfect companion to the series.

To take advantage of this limited offer, visit or call 800-816-7566.
Looking for a gift for the kids that's wholesome, positive and fun? The Jasper the Mule book series offers five delightful tales of adventure, each designed to help develop young minds and build character. These stories, beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Shields, educate as they entertain. Meredith purposefully included some challenging vocabulary and a detailed glossary in each book. She also peppered in information about proper equine training and care, and she made each sure that each book gives kids something they can take out into the world with them-a lesson about love and friendship, encouragement to always do your best. A book for every season, made to last for generations, the Jasper the Mule series is bound to make your child smile.


We want to know what you and your long-eared friends are up to.

Please submit your 300dpi jpeg file and a little information about yourself to
September was one busy month for the mule artist. It started out the weekend after Labor Day with the great show at Hells Canyon Mule Days at Enterprise, OR. This is just a spanking little show in a gorgeous place. Lots to see and do along with the mules and donks. I recommend it highly.

A few days after I got home from that, I boarded an airplane for a big adventure with my buddy, Meredith. She was taking me to Kauai, Hawaii to meet her mother and to explore the wonderful botanical gardens her mother and step-father have established. It was my first ever sojourn into the wilds of Hawaii and everything was pretty new to me, including the long long airplane ride to and from. I found out they have LOTS of mosquitoes and they are way too small to draw a bead on, so I got back to Idaho covered in bites. At least up here, the mosquitoes are big enough to shoot.

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