August 2009
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Dear Friends

Things are hopping this summer here at the Lucky Three. Tours of the ranch continue to draw crowds, and the mules love the attention. In addition to our many visitors, our film crew recently was here shooting scenes at the ranch and other locations for our new video "Jasper Goes to Bishop." We're really excited about this new program, due out in time for Christmas. The story unfolds through a blend of animation and live action as Jasper finds his way to Bishop Mule Days for a wild adventure. Bishop is the place to be if you're a mule, so how could he miss it?!

Traveling around to various locations on the shoot brought home once again the importance of a serious debate going on in our county: whether to regulate equine-related businesses and organizations.

The Independent Publisher Book Awards 2009, sponsored by Jenkins Group, Inc. and Independent has awarded Equus Revisited: A Complete Approach to Athletic Conditioning the Bronze award in its Animals/Pets category. The full-color manual serves as an ideal companion to Equus Revisited, the four-part, 2-DVD set. Learn more about how these powerful training tools can take you and your equine to the next level at

Looking for information about longears at your local tack store? Then please ask them to stock Meredith's products. We provide generous discounts and easy terms to store operators, and we're always happy to place Meredith's training products and the Jasper the Mule series with reputable retailers. For more information call 800-816-7566 or e-mail

Tours at Lucky Three

The tour schedule at Lucky Three Ranch is filling up. If you or your group would like to learn more about the fascinating, guided tours of Meredith's Loveland, Colorado ranch and sculpture garden, please contact us at for a free brochure.

Greetings from ADMS

Hello to all with longears and short!

It's been an interesting season thus far in 2009. The summer hasn't been as hot for many, which might mean it will be better getting hay in for the winter.

With all the talk of economic changes, we see an actual physical impact in the equestrian world. That old adage about "all for the want of a horseshoe nail" really does apply. Job losses may mean that people don't go to as many shows, which impacts what they buy for show gear, how much gas they use in their trucks, the purchase of tires, shavings and extra feed, even getting that show jacket dry-cleaned. We know that everyone is doing their best to hang on and tough it out, but don't forget that there are some things that are still paramount in caring for your mules and donkeys.

Question: When can I turn my weaned male mule back into the herd with the other animals?

Answer: You can turn your weaned, male mule back into the herd when he is two years old. It should be fine to put him back in with the mare after weaning. Mules will always love their mothers, and that connection will always be there. During training, you want your mule to learn to think of you as his "other Mom." If he does, he'll enjoy being with you enough to go with you without getting stressed about being away from his equine friends.

Meredith --

We can't thank you enough for the tour you gave us, and our relatives from Indiana, last Friday (July 24th). It was beyond any expectations we might have had. At first, I thought if we just drove by your ranch and took some pictures that would impress them since they had seen your programs on RFD-TV several times. For you to personally take the time to show us around was like being treated like royalty. You, your ranch, your ranch hands and the animals are very impressive.

Clyde and Barbara Glass

Check the Events Calendar at If you know of an event that is not on our list, please let us know.
To get the most out of Meredith's 10-video, resistance-free training program, you must use it correctly. Everyone should begin with DVD #1, Foal Training and DVD #8, Management, Fitting and Grooming. This is because, regardless of your animal's age or experience, he needs a proper foundation for real training to begin and because what you feed your animal and how you care for him will determine his responsiveness to training.

Be sure to use the training series in sequence. Each DVD includes activities designed to facilitate a good working relationship between animal and trainer at each stage of training. The exercises also help strengthen your equine's muscles at each stage of his physical development, to prepare him for things to come.

Remember, when we're training, we are preparing the animal physically, mentally and emotionally. This is why it is important not to proceed too quickly and to do things in their natural order. You're learning a way of life together, and that takes time! For more information on Training Mules and Donkeys, please visit or call 800-816-7566.
For your convenience, here is a current program schedule for Training Mules and Donkeys with Meredith Hodges on RFD-TV. Please check your local listing for show times.

August Schedule

#49: Equus Revisited Part 4 Wed - 8/5/09 First Airing

Special - Premier Airing of Athletic Conditioning for Longevity" for your equine

#29: Massage For Your Equine w/Joanne Lang Wed - 8/12/09 First Airing

Meredith and Joanne discuss the benefits of equine massage and how to get the best from your equine.

#25: Advanced Jumping Wed - 8/19/09 First Airing

Safety and equipment, rider positions, types of jumps, gymnastics, stadium jumping and showing

#26: Cross Country Jumping Wed - 8/26/09 First Airing

Combined Training levels, protective gear, rating speed, types of jumps, warm up and walking the course
Jasper's got a new coloring book! The Jasper Goes to Bishop Coloring Book includes more than 20 drawings by Tennessee Mule Artist Bonnie Shields, plus fun games to play and a pull out poster to color, too! Kids can add their own creative flair to Bonnie's terrific artwork and get ready for the "Jasper Goes to Bishop" video coming this fall.

Also, be sure to check out Jasper's web site for games and activities. There's always something fun to do or see at
Mules make the grade!

The August issue of USDF Connection Magazine features the mule as its "Breed of Month." Meredith is mentioned in the article as one who deserves "much of the credit for mules' advancement in the dressage world..." Also earning a well-deserved mention, American Mule Association member Heart B Porter Creek, the "winningest mule in the history of U.S. dressage," and owner/rider Audrey Goldsmith (pictured here).
Greetings everyone! I battled blizzards and tornadoes and relatives, but somehow, I made it to Columbia, TN Mule Day this April. I do this every three years just to scare them, but I think, with all the tornadoes they insist on having when I get there, they have successfully turned the tables on me. Attendance was great, but sales were not-story of the times.

On my way back to Idaho, I had a stowaway, my cousin's kid, Rene. She was great company and helped with the driving. I drug her to Bland, MO and the offices of Mules and More magazine where Sue Cole tossed us into the family pile and we had a great time with Loren Basham and his outfit. Met the young couple from Germany who had come over to buy riding mules for themselves from Loren-AND, Miss Sue took us to her local breakfast/coffee club in downtown Bland.

Be sure to check out Jasper's new and improved website! Visit

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