March 2008
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Dear Friends

Dear Friends:

Recently I decided that during the next two years I would produce four new animated programs based on the books in my Jasper the Mule children's series. We will complete Jasper: A Christmas Caper for December 2008, Jasper: A Precious Valentine for February 2009, Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth for July 2009 and Jasper: A Turkey Tale for November 2009. Getting these done is an enormous commitment of time, energy and resources. But once I made the decision, things started to fall into place; the right people have come to the table, everyone is learning from each other and things are in the works.

Commitment is powerful, but it's not enough. The willingness to listen and learn from others is equally important. Had I determined that I knew everything I needed to know about the art of animation and shut myself off from the contribution of experts, I might produce something, but I can tell you it wouldn't be very good. And, really, why commit to doing anything, unless you're also committed to producing a quality result?

Commitment and a willingness to learn, this is what I encourage all of you to bring to your training. Regardless of your equine's age and ability and regardless of your own level of experience, once you commit to training the right way-with kindness and consideration for the animal and a logical sequential training program-and embrace your role as student, understanding the time and patience such a program requires, you create a context in which amazing things can happen.

The best athletes, performers, entrepreneurs and artists have found success through commitment, perseverance and good training and so can you. So I ask you: Have you made that commitment to safe, humane and effective equine training? Are you willing to stick with it and seek out sound guidance and quality instruction along the way?

If so, just know that all the support you need is available. It begins with you, and we're here to help you succeed.

Best wishes,


A note from ADMS

Spring is here, and with the promise of warmer weather comes the joy of new foals! Some farms and ranches will experience the miracle of seeing a mare or jennet and her newborn for the first time, for others, it will be another foal crop on the ground. Whether it is your first foal or fifty-first, each birth brings with it the possibility of surprise: the gender of the foal, the color, the markings, the rare case of twins, or in some cases, surprise phone calls for the worried owner and the vet.

Read more ...

Meredith Brings Mule Days to RFD-TV

We know, it's only March, but Mule Days will be here before you know it. With 700 mules, 181 events and 30,000 fans, there's nothing like Bishop Mule Days!

Over the next couple of months, Mule Days will be a recurring theme on Meredith Hodges' RFD-TV program Training Mules and Donkeys. She plans to air five shows related to Bishop during April and May, leading up to the event, which takes place May 20-25.


Mule Days Honors Meredith

Bishop Mule Days has named Meredith the 2008 Best Friend of Mule Days. Mules Days Executive Director Kim Craft says that Meredith's positive input has made it possible for the event to continue to prosper, and it simply wouldn't be Mule Days without her!


Jasper Returns to Bishop

Fast becoming a perennial fixture at Bishop, Jasper the Mule will return again this year to hang out with his fans, ride in the Mule Days Celebration Parade and play a game or two of musical tires.

Watch our web sites, and for more information about Jasper's scheduled appearances.

For more information about Bishop Mule Days, May 20-28, please visit
Question: The other day when I was leading my mule through the gate of the pasture, he spooked and practically ran over me! Then, when he got to the other side, before I even had a chance to close the gate, he jerked the rope out of my hand and ran off! How do I stop this?

Answer: Going through a gate seems simple enough, but you can really get into trouble if you don't do it correctly. Ask your mule to follow your shoulder to the gate and halt squarely then reward him with crimped oats for standing quietly while you unlatch the gate.

Hi, Meredith:

What a special afternoon my husband Nile and I spent with you. You made us feel very important and in turn, we realized how important you are to the mule world. They are so lucky to have you.

Watching you work your mules gave me lots of food for thought, and I was very impressed how you manage them. Your goal of driving and jumping six teams is HUGE, but if anyone can do it, I believe you could. Good luck with that endeavor.

I was taken back by all you do, and it took me until I got home to digest the magnitude of all your businesses. With that said, I would like to order a couple of books and DVDs for my education to the mule world (order enclosed).

Thank you again for our personal tour and a chance to meet and get to know you a little. I hope our paths cross again.


Kate Fowler

Check the Events Calendar at If you know of an event that is not on our list, please let us know.
As seen on the popular RFD-TV program Training Mules and Donkeys with Meredith Hodges, Meredith's correspondence equine training series is available on DVD and VHS.

Ideal for beginning through advanced students, mule and donkey fans and horse fanciers, competitors and pleasure riders, this one-of-a-kind series offers safe, resistance-free techniques delivered in a logical, step- by-step sequence.

Detailed explanation, accompanied by easy-to-follow demonstrations, simplifies the training process, and if a question does come up, Meredith is available to you by e-mail or phone. It's like having your own private coach!

Special Offer!!!

Purchase videos 1-8 on DVD and receive the 200+- page spiral bound manual Training Without Resistance: From Foal to Advanced Levels, a $19.95 value.

Purchase videos 1-10 on DVD and receive two spiral- bound manuals, Training Without Resistance: From Foal to Advanced Levels and Equine Management and Donkey Training, a $39.90 value.

Training Mules and Donkeys is also available in VHS format. Videotapes are 50% off while supplies last.

For more information or to order please visit our store at or call 800-816-7566

Get a taste of Mule Days. Don't miss:

The Road to Bishop -- Encore Presentation -- April 16

Bishop All-Stars, Part One -- April 23

Bishop All-Stars, Part Two -- April 30

The Bishop Experience, Part One -- May 7

The Bishop Experience, Part Two -- May 14

For your convenience, here is the March-May program schedule for Training Mules & Donkeys with Meredith Hodges on RFD-TV.
As we go into production on four new animated Jasper the Mule programs, we're also working on a new look for But don't wait. Right now Jasper's site offers lots of terrific information about the series, the Jasper: The Story of a Mule DVD, and mules and donkeys in general. So stop by today, and keep an eye on us as we make the site even more fun and informative.

We have a winner!!! Heidi Sporre has won a free copy of Training Without Resistance: From Foal to Advanced Levels for her fun picture of Edsel having a ball.

Send us your fun/crazy/funny mule or donkey photo and qualify to win a copy of Jasper's Music CD,Jasper & His Friends Present Riders in the Sky and Mindy Ellis.

Please send your non-returnable 300dpi jpeg file to
Bonnie is at home recovering from hip surgery and waiting for the snow-lots of snow-to melt. Armed with pen, paper and fax machine, she's keeping busy reviewing drawings and helping to keep the Asian animators working on the new Jasper shows on the right track.

We'll look forward to another of her entertaining updates in our next issue. In the meantime, we send her our best wishes for a speedy recovery and thaw.

Don't forget, Jasper: A Turkey Tale is now on sale! Visit

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