November 2007
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Dear Friends

As another Christmas season approaches, it's a good time to think about the spirit of giving and, in particular, what we can give to our animals to help them have the best life possible. The relationship between rider and equine is central to everything we do here at Lucky Three Ranch. We know from experience that a relationship based on trust, kindness and consideration is its own reward. It's also the foundation for any successful training program.

When we give a mule, donkey or horse our friendship-our time and our conscientious care-we give him confidence and a sense of security. When an equine believes that we have only his best interests at heart, he can relax, perform and give back to us in the most unexpected and generous ways.

So in this season of giving, I encourage all equine owners to give a little extra to their treasured companions. How can you strengthen that bond of trust between you? How can you deepen your training and enhance your care to ensure his optimal health and well-being? I believe that patience, attention to detail and consistency are key. Reinforce these elements and the results will amaze you!

We all love our animals. This season, let's show them how much!

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year,


Greetings from the ADMS
Hello to everyone with Longears (and short...): The year is cascading to a close--in other words, it's galloping here at runaway speed! It was just fall, and now winter and the new year are almost here!
With this change of seasons and temperatures, people tend to spend a little more time indoors than out, and at times, this means one can sit down and catch up on paperwork. This also often means that the registries and such get an overload of paperwork! While this can be a good thing, there are also downsides!
Keeping track of your paperwork all through the year instead of the end-of-year push makes it easier on you. You don't have to rack your brain trying to figure out if Jack was in pasture until August or September; you'll have the note right there on your stud reports. Same goes for registering foals. If you send in papers all year long, you'll have them to hand if that unexpected buyer comes along.
Make it your New Year's Resolution to keep your paperwork in order, to learn a little more about what is going on in the equine world around you (many websites offer monthly e-newsletters with information about equine health, current events, government regulations and more). Above all, don't forget to winterize your barn, fences, and equine pals!
Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Leah Patton, office manager, ADMS and the entire ADMS Staff

New Shows Premier on RFD-TV
During the weeks of Dec. 5 and Dec. 12, Lucky Three Productions will present a brand new, two-part program on Therapeutic Riding on RFD-TV. The show, part of the documentary mini-series Those Magnificent Mules, looks at the valuable contribution all equines, including mules and donkeys, make in our society. Therapeutic riding benefits the disabled, kids at risk, veterans and others, and increasingly therapeutic riding organizations are including mules and donkeys in their programs. Don't miss this fascinating look at one of the most beneficial uses of equines. Check your RDF-TV listing for show times.

Also, coming in early 2008, a special, multi-part program on Athletic Conditioning. These shows will offer viewers a deeper understanding of the training process and the way in which different aspects of your training support both your well-being and that of your equine. These programs complement Meredith's award-winning training series Training Mules and Donkeys and serve to enhance your relationship with your equine by showing how to tend to the details and take time to enjoy the journey. Show dates will be posted on

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TMD Comes to DVD
When Meredith first produced her groundbreaking training series on video, nothing like it was available. Now Training Mules and Donkeys is out on DVD and still it stands alone as the only comprehensive, correspondence equine training course on the market.

Ideal for beginning through advanced students, mule and donkey fans and horse fanciers, competitors and pleasure riders, this series offers safe, resistance-free techniques delivered in a logical, step-by-step sequence. Detailed explanation, accompanied by easy-to-follow demonstrations, simplify the training process, and if a question does come up, Meredith is available to you by e-mail or phone. It's like having your own private coach!

Regardless of your experience or your animal's age and ability, Meredith recommends that everyone begin with DVDs #1 and #8. These lessons will help you build a proper foundation for training and care that will ensure success for both you and your equine. Take your time (the material on each DVD will take six months to a year to master) and heed the details-they make all the difference!

Each DVD includes 40-50 minutes of detailed instruction, a print-ready version of the corresponding work book, and special features, including interviews from Bishop Mule Days, music montages and more. For more information about this amazing 10-DVD series, please call 800-816-7566 or visit www.luckythree
Question: My mule will do all the obstacles easily on the lead rope and most of the time when I am riding him, but he won't do them on the drivelines without getting skittish and weaving. What should I do?

Answer: When doing obstacles on the lead line, keep in mind that you are not only teaching the animal to negotiate an obstacle, but you are also conditioning the muscles closest to the bone, teaching balance, coordination and control as well. He will be awkward and skittish in the beginning, but if you spend enough time on each task and pay attention to detail, it will become easier for both of you, and he will improve.

Groups big and small are lining up for tours of Meredith's Lucky Three Ranch in Loveland, Colorado.
If you're going to be passing through, please give a call. Meredith would love to show you around.

Here's what one new mule fan had to say ...

Dear Meredith,

We wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for making our visit to your ranch so enjoyable. Everyone was interested in learning more about "long ears." I don't think anyone had heard of your ranch and the work you are doing before, and I am sure they will be telling friends about it. I saw an article in Sunday's Rocky paper about someone else who has mules, and they were giving the same information about how smart they are. Ray and I really appreciate you having Robin's latest sculpture for us and our group to see. It is really wonderful, we will have to call Robin (Laws) and tell her what a great job she did. We appreciate you having your staff there to answer questions and to extend us such a warm welcome.



To schedule a tour of Lucky Three ranch, go to www.luckythree, click on "Ranch Tours" and submit a tour request. Please try to submit your request at least two weeks in advance.

Tours of Lucky Three Ranch are free. Donations are accepted and appreciated.

Check the "Events Calendar at www.luckythree If you know of an event that is not on our list, please let us know.
We've got great gifts for all the equine lovers on your list. Here are just a few:

Training Mules and Donkeys is now available on DVD. DVDs of our award-winning, resistance-free correspondence equine-training course include the following:

  • 40-50 minutes of detailed instruction
  • A print-ready version of the corresponding instruction workbook
  • Other extras, including music montages and interviews

Special Offer!!!

Purchase videos 1-8 on DVD and receive the 200+-page spiral bound manual Training Without Resistance: From Foal to Advanced Levels, a $19.95 value.

Purchase videos 1-10 on DVD and receive two spiral-bound manuals, Training Without Resistance: From Foal to Advanced Levels and Equine Management and Donkey Training, a $39.90 value.

Training Mules and Donkeys is also available in VHS format. Videotapes are 50% off while supplies last.

A Guide To Raising and Showing Mules

This incredibly detailed book provides a useful introduction to management, care, training and showing. Perfect for that 4-H project and all beginners.

The Jasper the Mule Series

Choose from among any of these enchanting books or collect the whole series.

Jasper: The Story of a Mule animated DVD and Jasper and his Friends Present music CD also make great gifts.

And don't forget the official Jasper the Mule T-shirt available in adult and children's sizes and the Jasper the Mule Hat!
Don't miss our new two-part series on Therapeutic Riding and a special holiday presentation of Jasper: The Story of a Mule, the animated adaptation of the children's book that started it all, and, Jasper: A Labor of Love, the "making of" documentary.

Check your local listing for times.

What's coming up on RFD-TV:

Nov. 28 - Those Magnificent Mules and the Lucky Three Ranch, Pt. 3

Dec. 5 - Those Magnificent Mules and Therapeutic Riding, Pt. 1, Premier!

Dec. 12 - Those Magnificent Mules and Therapeutic Riding, Pt. 2, Premier!

Dec. 19 - A Labor of Love, Special Holiday Presentation!

Dec. 26 - Jasper: The Story of a Mule, Special Holiday Presentation!

Jan. 2 - Reining and Western Riding

Jan. 9 - Jumping

For a full schedule of shows, click here

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Jasper: A Turkey Tale, the latest adventure in the Jasper the Mule Series, makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Meredith created the Jasper the Mule children's series in order to introduce young people to mules and donkeys and dispel some of the old myths about these wonderful animals. From the beginning, Meredith was committed to creating family-friendly stories that were both entertaining and meaningful and producing quality books that could be passed down from one generation to the next.

The original Jasper: the Story of the Mule and all the holiday-themed sequels that follow tell an on-going story of Jasper and his friends and the adventures and challenges life hands them.

This latest holiday adventure, Jasper: A Turkey Tale, finds Jasper, Moxie and the gang preparing for Thanksgiving. But near disaster threatens their plans, and Jasper and Moxie are stumped by a mysterious visitor. Join in the fun as the two friends try to solve the mystery and along the way, learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Written by Meredith Hodges, with full-color illustration by Tennessee Mule Artist Bonnie Shields.

To find out more about Jasper: A Turkey Tale and the Jasper the Mule series, please visit www.jasperthe or www.luckythree, or call 800-816-7566.
Submit a photo of your special mule or donkey in action and qualify to win a free copy of Training Without Resistance: From Foal to Advanced Levels, a $19.95 value.

Just e-mail your non-returnable photo as a 300 dpi jpg file to Winner will be randomly selected and announced in our next issue on March 4, 2007.
Greeting, everyone,

On October 12, I appeared on Meredith's doorstep, looking for a free bed and all, and she took me in-once more. Actually, I was taking the long way around to a three-hour art show in Descanso, Calif., put on by our dear friend, Diane Hunter. Not only is she crazy to put on a three-hour show, four of us artists were crazy enough to show up for it! But, I digress.

I was going the long way because I had a big Christmas painting to deliver to Meredith and eight of our new "Jasper the Mule' resins called "Friends" to also deliver to her. I got to stay two nights and get in on all the activity that always seems to surround the Lucky Three. Also got to visit with some mutual friends and share some of my own "goodies" with everyone in the form of "Dances With Mules" sweatshirts to keep them warm this winter.

From Loveland, I drove to Taos and spent two days with my daughter and granddaughter. Then it was on to just north of Prescott, Ariz., to visit dear friends and mule buddies Bill and Judy Krol in their new place.

The next day, they caravanned with me and we drove to Descanso for the visit/art show on Friday with Diane. A good time was had by all-until the Santa Anna winds kicked up that Sunday and the fires got started. Descanso is 40 miles east of San Diego and I can tell you, we were pretty nervous. I left that Monday morning with southern California on fire and the wind screaming. Had to drive way east before I could turn north and head back to sweet ole Idaho. Had my dog, Lizzie, with me and when the van got tossed so violently on the road, even she got scared. We were glad to get home.

I get to STAY home until Dec. 2, when I take off for the Cowboy Christmas show in Las Vegas during NFR. Can't take my dog with me this time, but I am taking my buddy Kayo Fraser, as her hubby wants to get rid of her for a while, while he paints their house. Look out Las Vegas. The Cowboy Cartoonists are on their way. Yaaa-HOOOOOO! Hope I can control Kayo!


Don't forget, Jasper: A Turkey Tale is now on sale! Visit www.jasperthe

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