Prey or Predators?


Are equines prey or predators? Although some trainers base their methods on the idea that equines should be approached as “prey,” this blog post by Sara Annon explains that the answer may not be that simple.

An excerpt:

The real lesson in this is that the predator/prey model of horsemanship is inaccurate. Rodents are prey animals. Horses are herd animals.  Their enemy is the weather (click here  and here). Horses die from hypothermia in winter, drought in summer, and starvation when grazing is scarce. Weakened animals are picked off by the occasional courageous wolf pack or lion. I say courageous because it only takes one quick smack with a hoof to break bones, and for a predator that is a death sentence.

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  1. sara annon07-28-2018

    Thanks for the link. It bring a steady trickle of readers to my blog. I have been busy putting the material in my blog into book form. I intend them to be useful equine science type texts that can be used in teaching. I’d love to now if you find them helpful.

    • Meredith07-30-2018

      Sorry, I am not able to read your book since I do not use Kindle. The books and videos that I produce will always be in hard copy only.

      • sara annon10-17-2018

        I am sorry to hear that. I plan to put them into audio form eventually. Most horse people have time to listen while doing chores and they won’t have to worry about their horses snacking on the pages.

        • sara annon11-04-2018

          Sorry to use the horse word so broadly. Donkey and mule people are definitely part of my definition of equine fanciers…I definitely did not mean to leave the long ears out!

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