Our game plan to stop the AIP: litigation, rescues, and investigation


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

As we write this, more and more wild horses and burros continue to be funneled into the slaughter pipeline through the the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) failed Adoption Incentive Program (AIP), which pays people $1,000 to adopt a wild, untamed horse or burro. Unscrupulous adopters are collecting the incentive payments, then sending the adopted mustangs or burros to slaughter auctions as soon as the money clears their bank accounts. Help us put an end to this shameful program >>

All the while, the BLM continues to round up wild horses and burros across the West, fueling this slaughter pipeline. The summer/fall roundup season is now in full swing — by the end of August, at least 1,400 wild horses and burros will be captured and removed from their homes on our public lands. 

We have already filed suit against the BLM over the AIP and the federal laws they broke in the implementation of this program. And, we are also funding the rescue of innocent wild horses and burros who were “adopted” through this program and have ended up at kill pens — many just days or hours away from shipping to slaughter in Mexico or Canada. 

In fact, we were just alerted to 10 BLM-branded burros up for sale in an Oklahoma kill pen. We know that burros are at a particularly high risk of being sent to slaughter through the AIP, giving us even more reason to help save these innocent animals. So we decided to offer a matching grant to help pay their bail!

We’re taking on the AIP from every possible angle. Can you make a donation to the AWHC today to help fuel our efforts?



BLM-branded burros being rescued from an Oklahoma kill pen.

We’re continuing to investigate the AIP and uncover the full breadth of the fraud and abuse that America’s mustangs and burros have suffered at the hands of this program. 

Thanks to our months-long investigation, and an explosive New York Times exposé – we have delivered compelling evidence-filled reports to the BLM and we have worked with members of Congress to call for an immediate end to the AIP.

We’re taking every possible measure — litigation, rescues, and investigation — to end the AIP and stop the flow of federally-protected mustangs and burros to kill pens. Can you help us fight back with a donation to our efforts today to help us protect the lives of wild horses and burros and put an end to the AIP?


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