Make Burro Awareness Month a national holiday!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

In 2013 we started “Burro Awareness Month” to promote awareness and appreciation for the amazing and unique burros of America’s Southwest. Now, it’s time that we make it a national holiday! 

Sign on to our petition to make Burro Awareness Month a nationally-recognized holiday!


Wild burros have the same rich history and are as culturally significant as wild horses, but unfortunately, they receive far less attention. 

Burros were first introduced to the Desert Southwest by the Spaniards in the 1500’s, and served as reliable companions to explorers and pioneers on their treks throughout the West in the years thereafter.

They worked tirelessly to carry supplies and machinery to mining camps, and became indispensable to the workers. At the end of the mining boom many burros escaped or were turned loose, and with their innate ability to survive under the harshest conditions—wild herds eventually formed and flourished.

America’s burros are protected under federal law, but they are in crisis due to government mismanagement which has caused dwindling numbers and a lack of genetic diversity. Our goal is to keep burros wild and free on the range through humane management programs and initiatives to ensure healthy populations of wild burros living on our public lands.

Will you take the first step and help us make Burro Awareness Month a national holiday to give these amazing animals the credit they deserve?


Fewer than 15,000 burros are estimated to remain on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service lands across the U.S. Like wild horses, these agencies have historically managed burros by rounding them up and removing large numbers of them from the range.

AWHC is spreading awareness about wild burros and fighting to preserve their populations within the U.S., but we need your help. Will you sign on to our petition today to help make Burro Awareness Month a nationally-recognized holiday?


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