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In response to letters and emails from people with training and behavior questions about their equines, Meredith has created a series of short training tip videos to help address some of these common issues.

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Individual Training Tips

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Side Passing the “T”

Side passing the "T" is an advanced move, and a good challenge for testing your equine's lateral abilities.

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Preparation for Lunging

Is your equine ready to start lunging training? And are you? Ask yourself these simple questions—before you get into the roundpen—to make sure.

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Free Lunging in the Round Pen

Take your equine to the next level of lunging training with "free lunging"—that is, lunging without tack or equipment—in the round pen.

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Appropriate Tack & Equipment for Lunging

What type of tack and equipment are appropriate for lunging training in the round pen? Find out our recommendations!

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Adjusting Tack & Equipment

Once you've chosen the appropriate tack for your equine, make sure it is adjusted properly so your equine is comfortable and responsive. For more information on routine and restraints, check out the Training Mules and Donkeys DVD series in our store, or TMD Episode 5: 4: Good Manners on Video On Demand.

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Verbal Commands and Body Language

It is important to learn the elements of good communication through verbal commands and body language. You'll find an equine who is willing to comply when he understands what you are asking!

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Use of the Whip During Lunging

The whip is used in lunging to create movement and encourage impulsion in the equine and should never be used in an abusive manner. Learn how to use it the RIGHT way in Meredith's latest training tip!

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Setting Up for Successful Lunging

Know when your equine is ready to start working on lunging, and how to best set them up for success.

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Lunging Multiple Equines

It’s easy to lunge multiple animals when they are all trained the same way with sequential, logical and purposeful training practices. Learn what you and your equines need to know to lunge together safely!

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Lunge Line Training

Learn how to train your equine on the lunge line.

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Transition To Drivelines

Once your equine has become proficient in his posture and balance, leading over obstacles, and various stages of lunging, you are ready to put your equine on the drive lines in the round pen. Find out how to make this transition successfully.

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Getting in Sync on the Drive Lines

Getting into sync with your equine should be easier once he is calm about you ground driving him from behind at the walk. Good posture, consistent rhythm and regularity of footfall patterns are key to achieving calmness in your equine. See how it's achieved with finesse here.

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Ground Driving the Hourglass Pattern

Ground driving your equine through the hourglass pattern keeps you and your equine organized and in sync. Meredith shows you how in this Training Tip.

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Laterally Ground Driving the Hourglass Pattern

In this training tip, Meredith shows you how to progress from lateral driving against the rails to laterally ground driving the hourglass pattern.

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Ground Driving Straight Forward Obstacles

Ground driving your equine through the straight forward obstacles is a process of turning fear into curiosity, then finesse, coordination, competence and, finally, confidence.

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