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In response to letters and emails from people with training and behavior questions about their equines, Meredith has created a series of short training tip videos to help address some of these common issues.

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Individual Training Tips

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Bathing and the Hose

Bathing can be a challenging endeavor for equines that are afraid of water or the hose. Meredith explains how to teach your equines to enjoy bath time.

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Getting Down with Minis

Training miniature equines is similar to their larger brethren, but often requires special approaches to make them comfortable. Find out how to best work with your mini in "Getting Down with Minis."

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Turning Fear Into Curiosity

Leading training on the obstacle course is your equine's initial exposure to real fear. Meredith explains how to turn that initial fear into a curiosity that will positively guide your equine's future interactions with the world!

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Going Slowly

When training any equine at any stage, going slowly and being clear and consistent in your approach is a more rewarding—and much safer—way to train for both you and your equine.

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Assessing Your Equine

Determining your animal's athletic ability is a useful guide in the training of your equine. Here, Meredith breaks it down into both a physical and mental assessment.

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Gate Training

Including good manners and routine practices while teaching gate training makes your job—and your equine’s—a lot easier, now and far into the future.

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Halter Types

No matter what kind of equine you have, the halter is one of your most basic—and most important tools.

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Lead Ropes and Shanks

All equines, including jacks and stallions, must be trained to lead with a lead rope and nylon halter before you attempt any further training. Learn more about the use of lead ropes and shanks in this training tip.

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Leading Correctly

The key to leading your equine correctly is consistency—learn how to use leading cues correctly and consistently in this training tip.

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The Quick Twist

If you need some extra leverage with your equine during initial leading training, try using the "Quick Twist." Meredith explains how to set it up, and when to use it in this Training Tip.

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The Face Tie

Learn how to properly use the “face tie” restraint for your mule or donkey. This is a humane alternative to twitches, stocks and hobbles. This tie should NEVER be used with horses.

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How to Square Up

There are many advantages to having an equine that can square up at the halt, because that means he is putting equal weight over all four feet for ideal balance and good posture.

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Walking Straight Lines

In order for your equine’s body to be properly balanced, it’s important to fine-tune all movements and make them as steady, balanced, and coordinated as possible.

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Bending Through the Rib Cage

A supple equine is a pliable, self-confident and healthy equine. That is why it’s so important that he learns how to properly bend through his rib cage. The benefits will be enormous and will last a lifetime.

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Equines are not born with an awareness of their own bodies, or proprioception, so they must be taught how to orient themselves.

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