Adventures of Augie & Spuds

Miniature horses, donkeys and mules all have one thing in common; everyone else is taller than they are! That makes eye contact with the trainer very difficult if not impossible for them. As the saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul so it is understandable that they would become anxious if they are unable to look into a person’s eyes to decide whether they are friend or foe. Read their whole story below.

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Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Yearly Baths Are Fun! 7-13-20

What do you suppose is happening today, Augie?” “Yippee! It’s a 102 degrees and bath time!” Baths with Billy Bad Ass are really fun, Spuds!” “Excuse me, Augie! I need the hose for Spuds now.” “Thanks, Augie, now the left front, please.” “What a GOOD BOY! Thanks, Augie!” “Now the right front, please!” “You are so AWESOME, Augie!” “Hey, Augie, why are YOU getting all the praise... and the oats?!” “I dunno, Spuds, but this hairbrush sure feels good and it’s ...
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Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Working with Chasity! 8-4-20

“Are you ready for another adventure, Augie?!” “Yeah, Spuds! What do you suppose we are doing today?” I’m not sure, Augie, but it must have something to do with those two big donkeys behind us! MMMM...oats!” “What? We are being tied OUTSIDE the Round Pen, Augie?!” “Guess so, Spuds!” Oh, look...the big donkeys!” “Hi! I’m Wrangler and this is Chasity! You’ll have your turn to lunge when we get done! Here’s how we do it!” “He acted like we didn’t know ...
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